Giving Societies

Donor Recognition Groups

The Academy gratefully acknowledges our donors and the importance of their support in the life of the Academy by inducting them into various donor recognition groups we call "giving societies".  If you have questions about any of the giving societies at Massachusetts Maritime Academy and how you can qualify,  learn more at the links below or contact the Office of Advancement at 508-830-5099 or at

The Admiral's Circle

The Massachusetts Maritime Academy recognizes as annual members of the Admiral’s Circle all donors whose gifts total US $1,000 or more in single year.  All outright and irrevocable contributions made to the Academy or Foundation are included in this total, regardless of the gift designation.  So are corporate matching gifts received by the Academy or the Foundation on the express condition of the gifts of qualifying individuals.


Andamada Foundation
Clean Harbors, Inc.
Martin E. Conroy '75
William J. Flanagan '64, H'96
Gerhard E.  Kurz H'93
Noble Corporation


Able Services
Austin Foundation, Inc.
Richard E. Blinn ‘45, H‘99 †
Boston Marine Society
Boston Port & Seamen’s Aid Society
J. Gary & Michele Burke PR‘10
Leonard A. Caiger ‘62
Thomas M. Cass ‘49 †
Caterpillar, Inc.*
The Clowes Fund
Brian J. Connor
Conoco Phillips/Polar Tankers
Robert H. Crosby ‘61 †
CSL International, Inc.
Robert L. Delhome ‘91
Dunn & DeWitt Attorneys
John J. Dunphy ‘59 †
Edson Baxter Cates
Scholarship Trust
David P. Erickson PR‘07
FM Global
Maurice P. Gschwend Trust
John G. Hartwell ‘51 †
Robert J. Hemeon ‘45 †
C. David Hobson ‘63, H‘04
Dennis M. Houston H‘04
Jay Cashman, Inc.
Kirby Corporation

Peter J. Lawrence ‘63
Peter Livanos H‘01
Robert F. Long ‘81
Guy E. Maitland
Marine Society at Salem
Mario ‘46 † & Olga Marrocco †
McAllister Towing & Transportation Co., Inc.
Karl L. Meyer ‘58, H‘93
MMA Alumni Association
MMA Parents’ Association
Richard A. Nakashian
National Grid
Thomas F. Nicholson ‘50, H‘07 †
Elaine L. Novakoff †
The Pande Family
Lou & Malina Ricciardi
Albert R. Schofield ‘58, H‘89
Seariver Maritime, Inc.
SpecTec, Inc.
Tug Valour Memorial Fund
Western Services Corporation
Geoffrey C. Wilkinson ‘72, H‘03
Wilkinson Companies
Woman’s Seamen’s Friend Society of Connecticut, Inc.

† Deceased                 
* New Inductees

Alison Rollins Scholarship Foundation
Anchor Watch/Houston Pilots
Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd/Resurrection
Argo Turboserve Corporation
Association of Ship Brokers & Agents
Auburn Fire Department
Rexford R. Arnett ‘59
B.A. Event Promotions
BackOffice Associates
Bay State Wind
Bechtel Corporation
Bechtel Group Foundation
Karl. H Bernard ‘84 *
Paul F. Berry ‘55
Bilezikian Family Foundation
Blake Equipment Company
Boston Harbor Pilot Association
Boston Pilots Relief Society
Bouchard Transportation Co.
Boston Towing & Transportation
Gus Bourneuf ‘61
BP Corporation North America Inc.
Richard Bridgeo ‘44
Buckeye Partners, LP
Francis J. Burger ‘54
Jay C. Burgess ‘86 *
Daniel † and Virginia Burleigh PR‘97
Cameron International Corporation
William H. Campbell, Jr. ‘67
Anthony G. Capobianco H‘05 †
Robert E. Carmody ‘80 *
Celebrity Cruises
Championship Basketball School
Earl F. Chapman ‘54
Andrew D. Chester ‘65
Thomas A. Civiello ‘80
Kenneth P. Colmer ‘78
The Columbus Foundation
Concordia Maritime AB
Constellation Maritime Company
John W. Corbett
Vincent E. Corsano ‘56 †
John Costantino ‘77
Couto Management Group, LLC
Richard A. Covel ‘67
Robert T. Coyne ‘64, H‘17
Philip T. Cronin ‘81
Crowley Maritime Corporation
Walter F. Curran ‘66
Walter J. Czerny, Jr. ‘65
Neil A. Daboul ‘88
Lawrence J. Dario
Lois E. Davis PR ‘84
Davis, Malm & D’Agostine, P.C.
Arthur L. Desrocher H‘07
Jimmy G. Dishner H‘11
William C. Donnell ‘59, H‘97
A. Edward Ducharme ‘55 †
Peter A. Dupuis ‘54
Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
Exelon Generation
F.A.M.E., Inc.
Edward Ferris ‘54
Thomas & Ida Fiala PR
Donald J. Flynn ‘55 †
Follett Higher Education Group
Foremost Group
Foss Maritime Company
Foster Wheeler North America Corporation
Friends of Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Arthur Fournier †
Watson I. Fournier ‘49 †
Fournier Tugs
John Fraher †
Frank Corp.
Environmental Services
Donald E. Froude
James C. Full ‘50 †
G & H Towing Company
Robert J. Gallagher ‘82
William J. Gardner ‘61
John D. Geary ‘47, H‘08 †
General Dynamics AMSEA
Audrey Gerson
Charles H. ‘63 & Darlene Gilmor
Peter J. Goulandris H‘02
David J. Goulet ‘71
Janet M. Green W‘55 †
Stephen & Bonnie Haas PR
John M. Ham PR‘08
Jeff F. Hamel ‘98
Pennie Hare
William F. Hefner ‘45 †
Julia C. Hendy W‘52
Peter K. Hexter
Hingham Institution for Savings
Richard C. Hurley ‘54 †
Interlake Steamship Company
International Matex
Tank Terminal
International Registries, Inc.
Josephine D. Perry Living Trust
Daniel H. Kaufman
Leon F. Kaufman ‘38 †
Robert L. Kauserud ‘47 †
John B. Keenan
Nancy E. Kelly
Paul F. Kelly
William C. Kelley ‘54

The Kelliher Corbett Group at Morgan Stanley
Robert L. Kenniff ‘50 †
Wilson Kipp ‘50 †
Charles W. Kraus †
Hazel Kuliga †
Kurz Foundation
Henry J. Lamb, Jr. ‘63
Eric Larson ‘87 *
Norman & Betsy † Levin
The Lighthouse Group
Lockheed Martin
Peter H. Lowman
Richard E. Lyall ‘79
Malcolm W. MacLeod ‘54
Maersk Line Ltd.
Mallory, Jones, Lynch,
Flynn & Association
John D. Manning ‘67
Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
The Mathias Family
Wayne E. Mattson ‘87
Michael & Marilyn Mazer
Ronald J. McAlear ‘68
James J. McCarthy ‘57 †
James M. McCluskey ‘57
Daniel McGuiggan ‘79
Michael G. McGurl ‘81
McQuilling Brokerage Partners, Inc.
Allen G. Metcalfe, Sr. ‘59, PR‘85 †
Steven & Deb Migridichian PR‘14
David F. Mik ‘86
Lee & Nancy Miles, PR‘07
Milton CAT Power Systems
Erkki O. Minkkinen ‘47 †
Mobil Shipping & Transportation
Moran Environmental Recovery
Moran Towing Corporation
Mormac Marine Group
Richard M. Mushet ‘66, PR‘98
National Cargo Bureau *
National Oilwell Varco
New England Laborers
Northeast Marine Pilots Association *
Edward T. Novakoff
NYE Lubricants, Inc.
Brendan P. O’Connor ‘93
Bertram W. O’Donnell ‘76
James E. O’Neill ‘84
Olympic Shipping & Management
OSG Americas
OSG Ship Management
Arthur W. Pattee ‘52
Felicia R. Penn
Pepsi Bottling Company
Richard L. Phelan ‘54, PR‘81 †
Nathaniel Philbrick H‘08
Power Engineering Construction Company
Power Flame Inc.
Propeller Club of the US/Boston
Propeller Club of the US/Portsmouth
Timothy J. Quinn ‘84
Hugh Quirk ‘64
Dorothy Redwood PR‘81 †
Richard & Margaret Rhoads
Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.
John P. Saccone, Jr. ‘86
Sandwich Cooperative Bank
Robert Sage ‘47
Lea Ann K. Scales PR‘07
Scorpio Tankers, Inc.
Seamen’s Widow & Orphan Society of Salem
Shell International
James R. Silver ‘82
Edmond B. ‘68, PR‘97 & Pat Simmons PR‘97
Gusti Simmons
Smith Buckley & Hunt
Smiths Detection, Inc.
Society of Marine Port Engineers
Vincent Sordillo ‘43 †
Peter M. Sullivan ‘57
Joan & Sarah Thayer
Thunderbird Golf Tournament/The Foley Family
Paul S. Tierney ‘59
Tindal & Callahan
Twin Rivers Technologies
USS Chartering LLC
United Maritime Group
U.S. Shipping LP
Oriana Valdes ‘91
Albert G. Van Metre
Charlotte G. Ventola W‘44
Veolia North America
Paul M. Verrochi, H‘98
William L. Walker ‘80
Lee & Mary Jo Wall
Elaine D. Wallace PR‘97,‘00
Lawrence J. Ward ‘61
Wareham Orthopedic Associates
Weaver’s Cove Energy, LLC
Nina H. Webber
John C. Westerberg ‘47
David B. Wexler PR‘11
John M. Whorf ‘80
James D. Wickwire ‘50 †
Richard B. Wilson H’11 *
William M. Wood Foundation
Arthur R. Wyman, Jr.


† Deceased                 
* New Inductees

1891 Legacy Society

1891 sheild

The 1891 Society was created in 2001 to recognize the foresight and generosity of all those who have established planned gift commitments of any kind for Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Just as the Academy’s founders in 1891 created a legacy that has benefited generations of MMA cadets, so do today’s alumni and friends.

How can you become a member? Establish any of the planned gifts listed in this brochure and notify us that you have remembered MMA in your plans. There are many benefits to membership and we continue to add new ones, some benefits of membership are listing in the Enterprise Magazine and other publications, invitations to special donor recognition events, periodic updates to members from Admiral Francis X. McDonald, President, and the sitting Regimental Commander, priority parking at special event if we are notified you are attending and an 1891 society pin.

Thomas R. Aylesbury ‘62
John F. Aylmer ‘57 †
Paul F. Berry ‘55†
Leonard A. Caiger ‘62
James B. Campbell ‘62
Thomas M. Cass ‘49 †
Andrew D. Chester ‘65
Martin E. Conroy, Jr. ‘75
Richard A. Covel ‘67, H’17
Robert H. Crosby ‘61 †
A. Edward Ducharme ‘55 †
Richard N. Finocchio ‘60
John M. Gibbons ‘44 †
John D. Geary ‘47 †
Christopher J. Greer ‘91
William C. Kelley, Jr. ‘54
Colin O. Kenney ‘66
Robert J. Kimtis ‘60
Linda Kuliga
Gerhard E. Kurz H‘93
Darryl M. Lahey ‘86
Peter J. Lawrence ‘63

Norman & Betsy † Levin 
Malcolm W. MacLeod ‘54
Stephen G. Malley ‘67
Richard L. McAndrew ‘76
Paul ‘54 † & Sandra McCarthy †
Francis X. McDonald '85
Karl L. Meyer ‘58, H‘93 *
Lee & Nancy Miles PR‘07
Erkki O. Minkkinen ‘47 †
Eugene Mirabello ‘57
William G. Moir ‘69
Richard M. Mushet ‘66, PR‘98
Thomas F. Nicholson ‘50, H‘07 †
Judith Nitsch H’10
Robert E. Rumney ‘57
Gerard F. Scannell ‘55 H‘92
Gusti Simmons W‘35
John F. Sullivan ‘65
Charlotte Ventola W‘44
Justin M. Vieira ‘15
Hillard W. Welch
John Westerberg ‘47
Mary Lou Wilcox


Wall of Honor

As a tenants in state-owned buildings, the interior maintenance of MMA’s facilities is directed by the Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM).  When these Wall of Honor bricks were painted over in 2005, photographic records of each inscription were produced.  While the Wall of Honor program is no longer active, the inscriptions that were on the dorm walls are listed and grouped in this publication exactly as they were originally presented.  Please note, in some instances, inscriptions were not fully legible and may not be reproduced in their entirety (noted with asterisks).

To note any discrepancies, please contact the Advancement Office at MMA via phone 508-830-5269 or email

Herbert B. Anderson 1945 Charles J. Higgins 1947 Emile J. Parent 1950
John F. Aylmer 1957 William B. Hoey, Jr. 1963 Arthur W. Pattee 1952
John Bardaro 1945 CDR John Hooper ‘79 Elwell H. Perry 1945
Paul Berry 1955 Robert P. Hughes 1945 Roger Pevear 1945
Arnold Blatt 1946 Fredrick H. Johnson 1945 John F. Phillips 1974
John G. Bravacos 1949 Walt Juodis 1954 John A. Pidgeon 1945
Robert F. Brennock 1956 Herbert J. Kearsley 1949 B.C. Puckhaber 1947
John A. Callanan 1951 William C. Kelley, Jr. 1954 Charles E. Pybas 1955
Joseph J. Carvalho 1951 John J. Kelly 1945 Nicolino R. Russo 1945
William P. Chaisson 1959 Robert L. Kenniff 1950 Robert Sage 1947
Richard J. Chamberland 1952 Michael L. Kenny 1981 Ridhard C. Salisbury 1945
James L. Childs 1952 Thomas C. King 1968 Gerard F. Scannell 1955
Mario P. Ciara 1954 Joseph P. Kittridge 1945 Richard M. Scudder 1945
Harold W. Coburn 1950 Kenneth L. Kniskern 1945 John A. Shields 1953
Nicholas J. Cokkinias 1945 Herbert D. Kokins 1945 Capt. Sydney M. Shuman 1943
Paul F. Coleman 1975 Harold L. Kravit 1945 Robert  A. Simon 1945
Martin E. Conroy, Jr. 1975 Richard A. Leahy 1945 Albert  C. Sirois 1955
Vincent V. Corsetti 1945 Albert W. Livesey 1945 Howard L. Smart 1961
John C. D**** 1945 Lawson L. Macdonald 1945 John A. Smith 1945
Chester L. Dauskevich 1959 Thomas P. Madden 1982 Edward J. Sottak 1954
Herbert A. Davidson 1945 Joseph L. Maloney 1945 Edward D. Strand 1945
Paul K. Davidson 1952 Charles "Clif" Marks, Jr. 1947 Frank M. Suzan 1953
Edmund Davis 1945 Yasser M. Marzuq ‘76 Thomas M. Thompson 1960
Barry E. Dennis 1953 James M. McCluskey 1957 Albert  G. Tierney 1945
Richard L. D'Entremont 1955 John P. McHugh 1981 Paul S. Tierney 1959
David Alden Dodge 1951 Thomas F. McKenna 1945 Robert Viviano 1951
Richard T. Dreghorn 1953 Dr. Kenneth R. McLea 1944 Bartholomew T. Walsh 1965
A. Edward Ducharme 1955 Nicolo A. Mirabile 1945 William W. Werndli 1953
William L. F**** 1945 James P.  Moone 1945 Edmund Wesolowski 1945
Edward Ferris 1954 Richard J. Moore, Esq. 1950 Thomas F. White 1945
James C. Full 1950 Thomas Muldoon 1945 Henry F. White 1945
Edward E. Furnans 1945 George E. Murphy 1943 Donald F.  White 1945
Richard A. Gale 1945 William  Murphy 1945 James D. Wickwire 1950
Michael J. Gallo 1945 Robert H. Neill 1949 Nelson S. Wilder 1945
Lester Gilson 1945 Robert E.  Nickell 1955 Henry E. Wilkins 1945
Richard S. Gould 1945 Normand E. Normandeau 1945 Sandy Williams 1954
Alfred Guarino 1945 Richard M. Nowell 1945 Charles W. Willwerth 1945
Walter R. Hammond 1945 Peter J. O'Beirne 1970 Charles P. Wilson 1945
William F. Hefner 1945 Stephen J. O'Connor 1952 Charles R. "Dick" Wilson 1945
Richard A. Hemeon 1945 John B. O'Niel 1945 Alexander M. Wolfe 1945
Patrick Henry 1951 John W. Panora 1955 Edward J. Zielinski 1950
Edward G. Andrews 1934 Stephen P. Kearney 1984 Thomas J. Owens 1994
Ronald “The Brief” Ambrifi 1977 Herbert J. Kearsley 1949 John A. Pardi 1979
Neil J. Bateson 1977 Michael Keogh 1982 Yuri G. Paredes 1992
Mark P. Bennett 1990 Peter A. Kiritsis 1987 Emile J. Parent 1950
Student Trustee Keith A. Berger 1994 Jeffery J. Kusiak 1989 Michael A. Pszke 1984
John G. Bravacos 1949 James F. LaRiviere 1978 Robert S. Pyatt 1942
Robert F. Brennock 1956 Neal H. Lespasio, Jr. 1981 Lawrence C. Robinson 1990
Paul M. Buckley 1978 Jeffrey T. Lewis 1986 Martha C. Rodas 1992
Capt. Thomas E. Burke 1939 Gary L. Lombardi 1987 John F. Roman, Jr. 1988
Capt. James R. Carman 1941 Christopher P. Lydon 1990 Jeffrey E. Schley 1985
Michelle N. Carter 1983 Michael J. Lydon 1991 Timothy A. Schultz 1986
Howard C. Chadwick III 1984 CDR. Philip E. MacDiarmid 1927 Walter W. Shannon 1982
David G. Chartier 1978 Gregg MacLaren 1988 Bradley K. Smith 1982
James L. Childs 1952 James R. Matthewson 1992 Jim Sorrentino 1980
Mario P. Ciara 1954 Kyle McCabe 1991 James E. Soucy 1989
Harold W. Coburn 1950 Michael F. McCarthy 1997 Garth A. Stonestreet 1943
Paul E. Collins 1978 John R. McConville 1983 Thomas A. St. Pierre 1975
Todd A. Covini 1988 Paul G. McDonald 1980 John R. Sun 1990
Capt. Donald L. Creed USN (Ret) 1933 Julie A. McMichen 1985 Earl M. Swan 1928
Philip T. Cronin 1981 Edward W. Millette III 1992 Daniel F. Sweeney 1998
James M. Crotty 1995 Liam P. Monaghan 1986 Kevin J. Tape 1993
Steven J. Crowley 1986 Charles J. Monestere 1989 H. Giles Taylor 1982
Anthony F. Dias 1979 "4.0" Monroe 1995 Daniel E. Tichon 1964
A. Edward Ducharme 1955 MIchael Morrissey 1990 George A. Tickell 1943
Chester L. Dauksevich 1959 James A. Mulcahey 1937 Michael S. Tinkel 1985
Richard L. D'Entremont 1955 Shawn J. Mulley 1993 Edward A. Tonello 1968
Arthur H. Dragon 1941 Joseph L. Murphy 1979 Timothy M. Toohig 1986
Richard T. Dreghorn 1953 Mark F. Murphy 1990 Thomas W. Trefny 1988
Patrick O. Dunphy 1979 Robert P. Murphy ‘95 Frank Tymosko 1929
Robert A. Erickson 1943 Christopher Nardone 1990 Lee Van Gemert 40
Edward Ferris 1954 Robert H. Niell 1945 Jeffrey E. Vaughan 1991
John "Dez" Fernandez 1990 Patti A. O'Connell Small 1982 James "Monte" Velardi 1994
Mark J. Gentile 1979 Brendan O'Connor 1993 Chandran D. Venkitachalam 1991
Thurston Hartford 1932 Daniel E. O'Connor 1980 C/E Michael R. Vienneau 1978
John A. Hayes 1987 Janis M. O'Connor 1985 Richard B. Whittemore 1990
John F. Hoey 1982 Stephen J. O'Connor 1952 James D. Wickwire 1950
John A. Hopkinson 1979 Michael O'Leary 1980 Richard H. Wilson, Jr. 1985
Richard W. Jacks 1976 Harold A. Olsen 1942 LCDR John F. Woods 1981
Michael F. Kearing 1996 Janet F. O'Rourke 1991 In Memory of my father James Monte Velardi, Sr. 
Michael F. Brown 1977 Siobhan O' O'Brien 1988 Jill Taft 1990
Keith M. Chamberlin 1996 Robert A. Ripley 1992 Shiv Srinivasan 1989
Stephen F. Clifford 1994 John A. Rizzuto 1990 Glen Shenkin 1980
David "Loose" Erickson 1969 Eric C. Robinson 1992 William H. Shaw 1986
David Fernandes, Jr. 1996 Paul M. Rochford 1979 Timothy R. Nesbitt 1985
Lewis C. Franklin III 1984 Carlos A. Rodriguez O. 1991 Michael D. Shea 1989
Christopher E. Hall 1988 Stephen M. Ruggiero 1994 Richard J. Morganti 1982
Linda Letourneau 1987 James D. Savard 1993 William H. Shaw 1986
Leo S. Lokopwe 1979 William J. Sayles 1993 Capt. Dennis A. McMorrow 1982
Michael W. McCarthy 1990 Sean M. Scully 1991  


Dulce Griffin
John J. Crowley
Mary E. Doherty

David S. Anderson 1969 William M. Harrison 1964
John E. Andrews, Jr. 1975 Capt. Paul R. Kelleher 1965
William J. Baraldi  Paul L. Kenny 1963
RADM. Maurice J. Bresnahan, Jr. 1959 Robert J. Kimtis 1960
Thomas C. Brugman 1960 James W. Langenbach 1968
Paul E. Cantrell, Jr. 1977 Glenn R. Loomis 1971
David C. Carpenter 1966 John M. McAdam 1972
Capt. Andrew D. Chester 1965 Roger W. Montembeault 1967
Paul Ciaburri 1975 Edward Novakoff Trustee
Capt. Harold W. Coughlin 1964 Raymond A. Palombo 1966
Jack Cummings 1960 George J. Reilly 1962
Walter J. Czerny 1965 Retreads 1964
John A. DiTullio 1965 Paul J. Riley 1967
William Dubrow 1976 Capt. Clifford L. Ruggles 1971
William F. Foley 1975 Paul W. Simpson 1960
Jim P. Fox 1964 Arvid F. Sundquist 1962
J. Peter Fritz 1967 Hudson R. Warren, Jr. 1970
Steven C. Hall 1970
Earle B. Vaux Joseph A. Pilote
Marshall W. Jones Walton C. Crouse
Harold A. Weston Josiah "Boyd" Dunbar
Paul G. Hirst Elwin A. Pilkington
Harry L. Young Charles T. Conroy
Thomas E. O'Donovan John F. Harty
Wendell G. Ames  
John E. Andrews   William G. Manning
Paul F.  Bechard Capt. Howard G. McCartney
Donald F. Berlo Lester H. McLean
Richard E. Blinn Fletcher A. Missud
Howard A. Carande Robert F. Mizaras
Edward L. Caulfield William  R.  Morrison, Jr.
Richard A. Church George H. Morse, Jr.
Franklin W. Creighton Lawrence A. Murphy
Philip DesMarais Capt. Philip R.  Nolan
David C. Ganak Richard M. Nowell
Capt. John M. Gibbons Lester N. Sagan
Mark "Cozy" Gibbons Donald K. Salander
Ed. "Rock" Giblin John A. Shuttleworth
William  F.  Hefner William M. Smith
Ivar A. Johnson John Stevenson, Jr.
Atty. Charles D. Kelley Charles M. Toole
Robert E. Long  
Deck Engineers
Herbert B. Anderson Charles R. Beaulieu
Lester Gilson Arnold G. Blatt
Frederick H. Johnson John E. Coyne 
Robert B. Kokins Joseph Dederian
Harold L. Kravit Philip O. Desmarais
Joseph L. Maloney Francis V. Duffy
Thomas F. McKenna, Jr. John C. Fisher
Nicolo A. Mirabile Anthony L.  Gerbasi
Thomas B. Muldoon III Joseph J. Holland, Jr.
John B. O'Neill 1992 Maurice R. Laro
Roger Pevear Robert N. Lord
Richard C. Pierce Adolphe J.F. Malinowski
Richard M. Scudder Mario “Mike” Marrocco
Robert A. Simon Frederick J. Martin
Edward D. Strand Willard G. Nims
Henry C. Wendler Theodore A. Pelosi, Jr.
Donald F. White William S. Rudin
Nelson S. Wilder Alexander M. Wolfe, Jr.


  • Richard C. Barrett 1944
  • Capt. Robert J. Hemeon 1944
  • LT. Richard A. Hemeon USCG 1945
  • Andrew B. Holmes 1944
  • Robert D. Lofberg 1944
  • William J. Parker 1947
  • Rev. Henry T. Ronam 1947
  • Robert R. Saari 1947A
  • Robert Sage 1947
Robert F. Austin 98 Bridie A. Kerins
Mr. & Mrs. William Beardsley  Thomas E. Kerins 94
Judith A. Bolinger  Alan G. Jeane 97
Kenneth S. Bolinger 95 David B. Hutchinson 95
Timothy W. Brown 98 Christopher M. Hudson 96
Michael S. Burleigh 97 Peter Holmes 
William Joseph Burnham  Mr. Alfredo Escobar 
Richard Clark III 96 Glenn R. Dunphy, Sr. 
Peter & Beverly Clarke  Arthur W. DeCouto 
Kathleen H. Connelly  David J. D'Andrea 
Mr & Mrs. Robert Cummings   
Capt. David Atwood 20/Grandfather Brian P. Travers 90
Capt. Arthur Colburn III 78/Grandson James E. Travers 56
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cotraro  Louise R. Ray 1974 - 25 Yrs. - 1999
Peter D. Johnson  Richard T. Phelan 81
Robert E. Johnson  Charles J. Phelan 
Dorothea H. Johnson  Linda (Ayers) Phelan 83
Martha T. Johnson  Mr. Richard L. Phelan 
Eric D. Johnson 
Edward G. Andrews 1934 Henry P. Zani 1943
Roger H. Banner 1937 Edwin R. Wheble 1939
Ernest W. Bemis 1936 Myron C. Thomas 1935
Capt. Robert M. Chace 1939 William M. Taylor 1942
Myron W. Chamberlin 1929 Roger S. Smith 1940
Carleton H. Clogston 1930 Paul W. Pitman 1937
Edward W. Emerson 1941 William B. Paterson 1932
Harold F. George 1939 John Patch 1928
William R. Gilman 1929 William J. Otto 1929
CMDR. William D. Hemeon U.S.C.G. 1933 Robert Mushet 1936
Peter Karonis 1943 Donald C. Morgan 1935
Anthony B. L'Esperance 1942 James A. McCulloch 1927
Capt. Edward Carlo Lodigiani 1939 Philip W. Mallard 1928


  • D. Carrigan 1999
  • Karen M. Ginnetty 2000
  • Samantha Phaneuf 2000
  • Elizabeth Voghel 2001
  • Kathleen Wallace 2000
  • Jessica L. Waters 2001
Capt. H. McCartney 43 Joseph P. Kiley 47 E. Millette III 92
Albert Scholfield 58 William B. Law 47B Capt. Ferris 54
Robert Coyne 64 Joseph B. Nye 47 Richard W. Kean 41
Frankland Miles 45 Capt. Thomas E. Burke 39 Richard J. Casey 59
J. Birmingham 45 Jos. Kestenbaum 47 Joseph F. Kuliga 47B
G. Macario 91 Barry Fuller 61 G. Howard Morse 47B
William Brady 51 Michael Clark 80 Peter M. Sullivan 57
Karl Meyer 58 Charles Deroo 78 Susan J. Ross 
Capt. Martin Conroy, Jr. 75 P. Simpson 80 Thomas Muldoon 46
William M. Taylor 42 R. White 52 Patrick Dunphy 79
Robert A. Erickson 43 Capt. R. E. Vaughn 49 James Albani 86
John G. Hartwell 51 Edward W. Karle 79 R. Kauserud 47
William Brady 51 Christine Ratches  M. Kenney 81
Mario Marrocco 46 Robert E. Cummings  K. Luechauer 87
Capt. G. A. Motte  Tom Pigott 90 J. Cahill 47
Peter Sullivan 57 Jay C. Burgess 86 S. Crowley 86
M. Wertheimer 80 Malcolm MacLeod 54 L. St. Pierre 53
P. Tierney 59 Eric Laub 93 E. Phillips 51
Richard White 52 Peter Glynn 90 Robert T. Coyne 64
T. Foye-Kenefick 91 Edward Haley 62 Willis E. Hebb 45B
Capt. James S. Nolan 59 P. Fraser 66 Willis Hebb 45
Colin O Kenney 66 Gerald Johnson 50 G. Wilkinson 72
Thomas M. Munsell 85 Michael Joyce 71 Kevin Poyant 87
David O. MacKinnon 59 Stephen J. O'Connor 52 P. Cronin 81
Susan Ross Friend John P. McHugh 81 C. Remmes 87
Richard Hurley 54 James Capobianco 97 R. Leahy 45
Capt. A. M. Knight 92 Carl B. Herrick 78 J. Fox 87
E. Coast Ship Service  Donald J. Flynn 55 D. Flynn 55
M. Conroy  97 James Scalli 90 R. Soper 43
J. Wickwire 50 Harlow Lazott 39 M. Ryan 56
R. Slattery 53 James McCarthy 57 Peter Fraser 66
Gerald S. Korin 61 W. Morrison, Jr. 47 E. Ferris 54
Edward A. Arcikowski 1952 Carleton E. Megonigle 1957
John F. Aylmer 1957 Arthur W. Pattee 1952
Capt. Frank   Butler 1954 Charles E. Pybas, Jr. 1955
Joseph J. Carvalho 1951 Robert C. Roffey, Jr. 1957
William P. Chaisson 1959 Capt. Bruce L. Roulston 1951
Richard L. Chamberland 1952 Robert E. Rumney 1957
Kenelm N. Collins 1951 Mrogan T. Ryan 1956
Vincent E. Corsano 1956 Gerard F. Scannell 1955
Paul J. Davidson 1952 D. Salley 1954 
Barry E. Dennis 1953 William R. Scarbrough 1951
Brian E. Fitzpatrick 1955 Robert A. Simon 1946
Donald J. Flynn 1955 Albert C. Sirois 1955
James C. Full 1950 Edward J. Sottak 1954
George A. Hamlin 1954 Ronald St. Pierre 1953
Capt. Horace Harrison USNR 1954 Anthony P. Tassinari 1972
Patrick Henry 1951 Alan M. Thorpe 1956
Donad "Ben" Hogan 1957 Robert E.  Vaughn 1949
Edward D. Johnson 1954 Paul A. Viles 1955
Walt Juodis 1954 Daniel I. Ward 19556
William C. Kelley, Jr. 1954 Hugh P. Ward 1954
Robert L. Kenniff 1950 J. Arthur Wheble 1947
Charles F. McAdams 1956 Kenneth D. White 1952
Adm. Paul F. McCarthy 1954 Albert B. Wilson 1959
Daniel J. McCarthy 1955 Edward J. Zielinski 1950
John P. McLaughlin 1954


  • Kevin P. Honkala
  • John "Jake" H. Maloney
  • John G. Rasmussen
  • Timothy J. Ritchie
Donald Antonangeli 24 years Anthony P. Tassinari 43 Years of Service
Larry Carlson Artist Sharon L. Sylvia 10 years
Victor Cordeira  Peter J. Ryan 1987 13 Years 2000
Thomas J. Duggan '56 1972-1996 23 Years of Service Robert D. Ripley 42 Years of Service
Edna E. Eckstron 1972-1984 Danny Raphael 32 years
Dorothy E. Emmons 1974-1998 Eliot Ornellas 18 1/2 Years of Service
John T. Farias 15 Years of Service CDR. Curt Murphy 10 Years
Chaplain Msgr. Norman Ferris 1976-1994 Ann L. McNaughton 27 Years of Service
Capt. Joseph Grazulis 12 Years of Service Capt. Alan McNaughton 31 Years of Service
John A. Jackson 21 Years of Service Sally McMorrow 19 Years
Lawrence Jacobanis 15 Years of Service Donald LaBrecque 29 1/2 Years
John J. Dunphy 1992 Class of 1959 Mario Marrocco 1992 Class of 1946
Howard McCartney 1992 Class of 1943 Robert Slattery 1992 Class of 1953
Richard Soper 1992 Clas of 1943 James A. Wilson 1992 Class of 1952
Wayne W. O'Neill 1992 Clas of 1952 Henry J. Lamb, Jr. 1992 Class of 1963
Richard H. White 1992 Class of 1952
James A. Bacis Class of 1995 John Westerberg Class of 1947
Paul F. Bechard Class of 1947 Capt. Robert E. Vaughn Class of 1949
David R. Besser Class of 1982 Jeffrey Vaughan Class of 1991
M. James Crounse Class of 1947 Jill A. Taft Class of 1990
Steve Crowley Class of 1986 Louis R. St. Pierre Class of 1953
Steven J. Crowley Class of 1986 Richard T. Soper Class of 1943
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cummings  Franklin A. Scully Class of 1945
Philip O. DesMarais Class of 1946 Jan O'Rourke Class of 1991
Robert A. Erickson Class of 1943 Edward O'Brien Class of 1987
Capt. Edward Ferris Class of 1954 Harry H. Misakian Class of 1947
Robert E. Foley Class of 1964 Allen G. Metcalfe Class of 1959
Dr. Carl R. Folia Class of 1947 RADM James F. McNulty Class of 1953
Bill & Kathy Georget  James R. Mathewson, Jr. Class of 1992
Colin O. Kenney Class of 1966 James A. Mathewson Class of 1992
Richard A. Leahy Class of 1945 Michael J. Lydon Class of 1991
Linda Letourneau Class of 1987 Walter Lipsett Class of 1947
Joseph L. Cahill Class of 1947 Anthony S. Zielinski 1992 Class of 1952
Richard F. Curran M.D. 1992 Class of 1952 J. Arthur Wheble Class of 1947
Philip O. Desmarais 1992 Class of 1946 Parents of Harry D. Weislow 1995
RADM. W.C. Donnell Class of 1959 Sumner J. Waring, Jr. 
John J. Howell, Jr. Class of 1941 William M. Smith Class of 1947
Robert L. Kauserud 1992 Class of 1947 William J. Seymore Class of 1978
William C. Kelley, Jr. Class of 1954 Dr. David A. Sandell 
Parents of John E. LaGorce 95 1992 Parents of Michael H. Sadler 95 1992
Kenneth D. Luechauer 1992 Class of 1987 Margan T. Ryan 1992 Class of 1956
James M. McCluskey Class of 1957 Morgan T. Ryan Class of 1956
Richard J. Pierce Class of 1978 Christopher Remmes 1992 Class of 1987
Robert M. Pierce Class of 1972  


  • Zachery Fisher 1992
  • Geoffrey Wilkinson 1992 Class of 1972


  • Maurice J.A. Belhumeur 1992 Class of 1927
  • Walter A. Dempsy 1992 Class of 1961
  • John Howell, Jr. 1992 Class of 1941
  • William Vautrinot 1992 Class of 1933
Aetna Life & Casualty Foundation Mellon Bank 
Aetna Life Insurance Co. 1992 Centennial Circle Mezza Luna Restaurant
Alexander, Starr & Kersey Military Sealift Command 1992 President's Society
Arco 1992 Captain's Club Mobil Foundation Inc. 1992 President's Society
Baybanks  Mullen & Co. 
Boston Edison Foundation 1992 Captain's Club New England Power Company 1992 Ranger's Club
C.E. Beckman  New York Marine & General Insurance 1992 Centennial Circle
Cape Cod Bank & Trust Norton 
Cape Cod Swim Club NYNEX 
Cape Cod Times P.M. Environmental, Inc.
Contingency Management Assoc. Polaroid Foundation 1992 Commodore's Club
Corning Inc. 1992 Commodore's Club Quirks Marine 
Cosentino Family Ralph J. Perry Inc.
Cowen Foundation 1994 Raytheon 
CRI Tours  Rockwell International
CSX Corporation Salah & Pecci Construction Company
East Coast Clothing 1992 Chief Engineer's Club Sea-Land Service, Inc.
Eastern Enterprises Foundation 1992 Centennial Circle Seiler's Food Service 1992 Commodore's Club
Exxon Education Foundation Ship Analytics, Inc.
Exxon Education Foundation President's Society Sippican Inc. 1992 Centennial Circle
Factory Mutual Engineering Stolt Parcel Tankers, Inc.
General Electric Foundation 1992 Admiral's Circle Stolt-Nieldsen Inc. 1992 Centennial Circle
Graphic Controls Stone & Webster Company 1992 Ranger's Club
Hammond & Hammond Stone and Webster United Technologies
Hart Ins. Agency Inc. Sun Oil Company 1992 Captain's Club
IBM  Texaco 
IBM 1992 Commodore's Club The New England Insurance Co. 1992 Centennial Circle
Lawrence Lynch Corp The Stanley Works
McGraw-Hill Foundation 1992 Ranger's Club Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc.
McGraw-Hill Foundation 1992  
Thomas Bushy 1992 Class of 1974 Allen Yenulevich 1992 Class of 1943
John R. Cain 1992 Class of 1937 Capt. Kenneth L. Kniskern Class of 1945
Parents of Devin T. Corey 95 1992 Capt. Arthur M. Knight 1994
Parents of Ernesto Escobar 95 1992
Melvin Aronson Edmund P. Gabriel William T. Place
John Bardaro David C. Ganak Norman D. Potter
John Q. Birmingham Jr. Swift H. Godshalk Lewis H Queen
George H. Blood James D. Hamilton Frederick R. Rawlings
Neane G. Boyden Wills E. Hebb Robert I. Riley
Arnold L. Brodie George H. Hill Lester N. Sagan
Walter A. Brown Jr. George R. Kalat Horace Schermerhorn Jr.
William S. Bunting Joseph H.A. Lenney Francis G. Scully
Samuel S.A. Cowitz Philip J. McKay Raymond O. Soucy
William N. Creesy William T McNamara Daniel R. Sullivan  
Robert E. Crowell Theodore T. Metzger Charles A. Tyrrell
James J. Dagianis Frankland W.L. Miles, Jr. John C. Wrightson
Raymond B. Daigle Jr. Peter P. Mitchell Perry A. Xenakis
Cyril W. Downs Jr. Thomas F. Murphy Alphonse P. Yenulevich
Russell R. Fontneau Elwell H. Perry
Nicholas J. Cokkinias Joseph P. Kittridge
Vincent V. Corsetti Albert W. Livesey
Herbert A. Davidson Lawson L MacDonald
Edmund Davis William Murphy, Jr.
John C. Driscoll James P. Noone
William L. Festa Normand E. Normandeau
Edward E. Furnans Richard M. Nowell
Richard A. Gale Nicolino R. Russo
Michael J. Gallo Richard C. Salisbury
Richard S. Gould John A. Smith
Alfred Guarino Edmund Wesolowski
Walter R. Hammond    Thomas F. White
William F. Hefner Jr. Henry E. Wilkins Jr.
Richard A. Hemeon Charles W. Willwerth
Robert P. Hughes Charles P. Wilson   
John J. Kelly Jr.
Edward P. Baldwin Malcolm W. MacLeod
Charles F. Barry Donald A. McKeen
Donald P. Brown Jr. John P. McLaughlin
Francis M. Butler George J. Mitchell, Jr
Earle F. Chapman, Jr. James R. Murphy
Robert J. Doonan Thomas H. Pineault
John N. Fiske Robert W. Preston
Harold H. Gately David W. Ross
Richard C. Hurley James L. Smith
Edward D. Johnson Edward J. Sottak
William C. Kelley, Jr. Lee Urcelay
Warren W. MacCallum Jr. Hugh P. Ward
Robert W. MacKintire Sanford L. Williams
Francis Brady VADM Paul E. McCarthy USN
Francis J. Burger Thomas S. McDonough
David L. Burnham Peter F. McHugh Jr.
Mario P. Ciara Richard J. O'Leary
Robert M. Collins Richard L. Phelan
Richard E. Doucet Paul L. Quinlan
Robert J. Duke Francis J. Rezendes
Peter A. Dupuis Raymond D. Salley
Edward Ferris Warren E. Scanlon Jr.
Capt. George A. Hamlin USN (Ret.) Elton H. Seamans
Andrew A. Hoekstra Raymond P. Shea
Joseph W. Horrigan Robert J. Shephard
Leon Hunewill Donald A. Sinclair
Herbert P. Jones Richard P. Sullivan
Walter Joudis Howard B. Wetzell
Thomas A. Kelleher, Jr  

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