Spring 2024 Sea Term


T.S. Kennedy Sea Term 


Massachusetts Maritime Academy license track majors, Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation (often referred to as deck and engine majors) must accrue time at sea before they graduate. Time is earned during winter session Sea Terms during their 4C (first year), 3C (sophomore) and 1C (senior) years. Through these 52 day experiences, cadets gain vital hands-on experience in operating a ship, dealing with port traffic, and build other crucial maritime skills.


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What safety protocols are in place while on board the TS Kennedy?

Every effort has been made to ensure the TS Kennedy departs Buzzards Bay as a ‘clean ship’ – all cadets and employees have been vaccinated and boosters are required to visit ports while underway. The Academy’s Health Services team will staff a full-service sick bay on the ship to address any emergent health concerns. In the event of COVID 19 diagnosis once underway, quarantine protocols are in place to include isolation housing and meal delivery to isolation spaces to ensure no cross contamination or spread.

Who is able to have liberty in ports?

Cadets who have complied with COVID 19 vaccination and COVID 19 booster requirements will be able to disembark the ship based on watch schedules, however, unvaccinated cadets will not be able to disembark. All cadets, faculty and staff disembarking will be required to comply with COVID-19-related governmental rules and regulations according to the local area’s regulatory authorities as well as orders issued by the training ship Captain and Medical staff.

What kind of connectivity will cadets have while underway?

Cell phone and internet connectivity service will be sporadic while underway. Cadets may be reached only in the event of an emergency by contacting the Department of Public Safety at Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Is there a mechanism on board for cadets to store cash for use during liberty (on ports)?

Yes, there is a safe on board. When cadets move on board they will have the opportunity to place money in a secured envelope with staff from the Office of the Commandant of Cadets (managed by last name and division on the ship). There are banking hours before each port. Cadets are encouraged to use the bank if they plan to bring substantial cash with them on board.

How will meals be served on the TS Kennedy?

Traditional ship-board meal service will be served including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight rations in the Mess Deck and are provided by Chartwells, the Academy’s on-campus dining services provider.

What activities are available for cadets during downtime on the ship?

The Student Government Association (SGA) has planned on-board activities and off-shore excursions for cadets. Additional the ship hosts a Sunday at Sea event featuring a day-long cookout and celebration for all to enjoy.


Ship Tracking

The KENNEDY’s call sign is KVMU and can be tracked via several marine tracking sites.

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