Branding Guidelines

Our Brand Style Guide

Speaking with one voice amplifies our message and ensures that our common mission resonates clearly and powerfully. Promoting our brand with unity, clarity and consistency helps everyone associate the Academy with credibility and quality.

Our brand is more than a logo. Our brand is everything we say and do — and how we say and do it. Managing the perception of millions is no small task. It’s a big job and everyone who speaks for the university plays a crucial role. These guidelines will help you do just that.


Below is the process for submitting marketing materials for approval by the Marketing Committee.  Any questions should be directed to 

  1. All Academy constituents send their materials via email to for review by the Marketing Committee. 
  2. Members of the Marketing Committee review.  With three members approving the piece, it is good to move forward.  If the piece is not approved as is, the following additional steps will be required:
    1. Members return with a designation of approved with additional corrections but not further proof needed - department to update and approval is granted.
    2. Members return with a designation of corrections required and a new proof is needed - department will update document and resubmit via the process above. 
  3. Upon approval of the Marketing Committee it is recommended that the Department Vice President give final approval of the piece before publication.

The purpose of the Marketing Committee is to steward the Massachusetts Maritime Academy (the Academy) brand and image, assure that the Academy has internal and external marketing and communications, and that our programs are consistent with clearly defined objectives to enhance the reputation and recognition of the Academy.

The hallmarks of the Academy are academic excellence, advanced technology, community, industry partnerships, and leadership development. These hallmarks are streamlined by the Academy’s new tagline “The Commonwealth’s Leadership University.” Honoring the heritage of the Academy, yet looking towards the future, we have recently launched new brand standards to help ensure the college's growth, prosperity, and future.

A primary function of the committee is to nurture the brand house and manifesto of the Academy’s new Brand Standards.  Our brand house outlines why we exist and how we act - providing ground where the admired traits of a mariner are instilled. Everything we do should ladder up to the manifesto.

The committee consists of representatives from several departments to ensure all campus constituents are represented.  The committee will provide oversight for all relevant branded communications. Efforts are meant to develop two way communication with stakeholders and highlight the excellent education and dynamic services we provide to our community. The Academy’s Marketing Committee will plan to meet every other week on XXX at 10AM in the Kurz Hall American Pilot Room.

  • Josh Tefft - Director of Admissions
  • Dylan Lydell - SGA Representative
  • Anna Woringer - Graduate Studies Coordinator
  • Catherine Kedski - Director of Student Financial Services
  • Liz Novak - Director of Enterprise Systems
  • Colleen Ruggeri - Operations and Maintenance Staff Assistant
  • Ericka Simmons - Manager of Follett Store
  • Joseph Malkin - Director of Sports Information
  • Leslie Bushy - Assistant Director of Advancement
  • Michael Ortiz - Director of Intercultural Engagement
  • Sara Kazamias - Assistant Director of Career Services
  • Wendy Maynard - Assistant Registrar