students being social

A Full Social Life

Clubs, Organizations, and Activities

The Commandant’s Office, also known as Student Services, helps maintain an enriching cultural and social environment at the Academy. Rigorous academics and structure are balanced by a wide variety of extracurricular activities including clubs, organizations, and both on and off campus events.

All cadets have access to the Student Government Association (SGA), whose mission is “to foster self- government among its members and promote cadet activities in the best interests of the cadets at the Academy.” Participation in clubs is not tied to a cadet’s position in the regiment or their academic year. Students can be involved in a . SGA officers organize specific class activities including Ring Dance, attendance at professional sporting events, pop-up events on campus, and campus entertainment.

Keamon Park

Getting involved early on as a freshman was easy to do. I was voted the 4/C President and am excited about the opportunity to help shape the next four years for myself and my shipmates. The SGA plays an integral role in cadet life on campus and I am proud to be a part of it.

Kaemon Park ‘24 / Marine Engineering