Emergency Medical Services

Collegiate EMS Service

Massachusetts Maritime Academy EMS is one of two collegiate EMS services in Massachusetts with transport capability. Our staff includes 16 EMT’s and together we respond to hundreds of emergency calls on campus every year.  During the day our EMT’s are full time students getting their undergraduate degree. At night, our students balance the academic rigors of the Academy and answer emergency medical calls. Thanks to the continuing support from Mass Maritime Board of Trustee member Brian Connor, we now respond in a type III ambulance. We continue to utilize the SUV and golf cart where appropriate and use them as support vehicles. When we are in service we have four EMT’s on: a Supervisor, a Senior EMT, and a Junior EMT, and a Third Rider. This ensures a fast response time and that the highest quality medical care is provided to our patients. We use the smaller size of the campus to our advantage. Once we are dispatched through Public Safety or the Cadet Information Center (CIC), we often arrive on scene within one minute.