Regiment of Cadets

The Commonwealth's Leadership University

The Academy experience is unique and transformational. Drawing inspiration from the United States Military and Merchant Marine, the Regiment of Cadets instills discipline, knowledge, and leadership in all. Those who commit to joining the ranks of the Regiment strive to embrace being a part of something bigger than themselves.

Built on a model of followership, then leadership, cadets develop self-discipline, professionalism, confidence, honor, and pride in themselves and their shipmates. Guided by motivated cadet leaders, freshmen (or “youngies”) are immediately encouraged to embrace teamwork to overcome adversity during Orientation: a 2-week, intense training program designed to acclimate cadet candidates to the Academy and prepare them for success. Upon graduating from Orientation, cadet candidates begin their academic journey while attending formations and ceremonies, preparing for uniform and room inspections, participating in extracurricular activities, and developing robust learning habits during dedicated study hours. Cadet leaders are valuable mentors to youngies, cultivating a culture of time-management, attention to detail, personal accountability, and service.

As cadets advance, they are encouraged to embrace leadership opportunities within the Regiment. The Regiment reinforces that status at the Academy is not an entitlement based on gender, race, or socio-economic class; it is earned through hard work, honor, and integrity. Those who excel into leadership roles learn the intricacies of leadership in fast-paced environments and develop skills unique to cadets of the Academy. Though we are structured as a regimented academy designed to grow effective leaders, only cadets who volunteer for commissioning programs have military obligations during and after their time at the Academy.