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The Captain Paul Cuffe Center for Inclusion


About Captain paul cuffe

Captain Paul Cuffe was born in 1759 on the island of Cuttyhunk. The son of a freed slave and a Wampanoag woman, he was a black and indigenous man who would go on to become Master Mariner, whaler, successful businessman, educator and community advocate, philanthropist and visionary until his death in 1817. Paul Cuffe left a legacy that is local, national, and international; rising to prominence at a time when it was all but impossible for a black and indigenous man to do so.  That legacy of struggling for equality and justice continues to inspire us today as the namesake of our center. 

More On the Life of Capt Paul Cuffe

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Mission Statement

Formerly known the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Office of Intercultural Engagement, the Captain Paul Cuffe Center for Inclusion’s mission is to create a community that makes excellence inclusive at the Academy. By promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through programs, events and student support initiatives, we strive to foster a sense of belonging and a supportive environment for all by honoring the namesake of our center. We continue Captain Cuffe’s legacy of philanthropy, leadership, and social change.