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Academic Resource Center



The Academic Resource Center provides a wide range of academic enrichment and support services to help you transition into college and build the skills you need to succeed throughout your college career. Tutoring is available to all students at any level.


Writing Resource Center

The Writing Resource Center provides assistance and feedback for all types of written and verbal communication you will encounter during your degree program. Utilize Writing Resource Center resources when you need to work on writing or communication skills and need a trained reader or observer to critique your work.

Writing Resource Center

Learning resource Center

The Learning Resource Center offers tutoring for courses in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, marine transportation, business, and other disciplines.  In addition to regular tutoring, the Center runs the Specialized Tutoring Program. Utilize the Learning Resource Center resources when you need a trained tutor to help you learn or reinforce skills for a specific course.

Tutoring Schedule

The Academic Resource Center is committed to your success. At no cost to students, we provide critical resources to assist and guide you as you make progress in your academic program and as you prepare to enter the workforce.