Academic Honors

Students on the Presidents and Deans Lists


At the end of each academic term, full-time student grades are reviewed. For students with no incompletes or grades below C-, term grade point averages are calculated and academic proficiency is noted as follows:

  • President’s List 3.6 or higher
  • Dean’s List 3.3 -- 3.59

A cadet who appears on the Dean’s List or the President’s List is entitled to wear the appropriate
device on his or her uniform. All ribbons will be awarded by the Vice-President of Academic Affairs
or designee at the appropriate time.


Last Name First Name Class Year Major Hometown
Reissfelder Jake 2027 Facilities Engineering Dedham, MA
Fledderjohn Alex 2025 Marine Engineering Sherborn, MA
Gray Jessica 2024 Emergency Management Wareham, MA
Hines Liam 2025 Energy Systems Engineering Quincy, MA
Pender Lucas 2025 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Westford, MA
Hines Brendan 2025 Energy Systems Engineering Quincy, MA
Mulligan Jack 2024 Emergency Management Billerica, MA
Sample Robert 2027 Marine Engineering Braintree, MA
Visnevskij Igor 2026 Marine Engineering Klaipeda, Lithuania
Proto Casey 2025 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Centerville, MA
Rego Ethan 2024 Emergency Management New Bedford, MA
Muhr Kristofer 2024 Marine Transporation Denver, CO
Padula Marco 2025 Marine Engineering South Weymouth, MA
Barraclough Bryson 2024 Marine Engineering Boxford, MA
Fusco Andrew 2025 Marine Transporation Wrentham, MA
Wilt Teleri 2025 Marine Transporation Middle River, MD
Hoch Nathan 2026 Emergency Management Clarksville, MD
Wootton George 2024 Marine Transporation Glenville, PA
Vanela Ermocilla Carlos 2024 Marine Transporation Panama City, Panama
Welch Anthony 2025 Marine Engineering Lanesborough, MA
Cirillo James 2025 Marine Transporation Monroe, NY
Pray Matthew 2025 Marine Engineering Higganum, CT
Winkler Christian 2024 International Maritime Business Longmeadow, MA
Leonard Christopher 2026 International Maritime Business East Bridgewater, MA
Santos Crystal 2024 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Hyannis, MA
Thorpe Jacob 2025 Marine Transporation Woodland Park, CO
Harris Aidan 2026 Emergency Management West Chester, PA
Dixon Grace 2024 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Plymouth, MA
Roth Roy 2025 Marine Transporation Kailua, HI
Kerecz Reagan 2025 Emergency Management Tolland, CT
Vincent Christopher 2024 Facilities Engineering Carver, MA
Corolla Marchela 2024 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection New Haven, CT
Vieira Daniel 2023 Emergency Management Middleboro, MA
Foley Robert 2023 Emergency Management Norwell, MA
Seibert Kolby 2025 Marine Transporation Liverpool, PA
Wamsley Nathanael 2024 Marine Engineering Harrison, ME
Eltringham William 2026 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Boca Raton, FL
Van Zanten John 2024 Marine Transporation Keller, TX
Campbell Mitchell 2024 Emergency Management Pittsburgh, PA
Mordosky Tyler 2027 Marine Engineering Downingtown, PA
Rueb Aidan 2027 Marine Engineering Sayville, NY
Liberatore Ryan 2027 Facilities Engineering Plymouth, MA
Joy Grace 2027 Marine Transporation Salem, VA
Tenore Fulton 2027 Marine Engineering Norwood, MA
Rhinehart Gavin 2025 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Seneca Falls, NY
Thomas Kelson 2027 Marine Engineering Ann Arbor, MI
Sprague Makynzi 2027 Emergency Management Leesville, SC
Nogueira Michael 2024 Energy Systems Engineering Kingston, MA
Kane Daniel 2026 International Maritime Business Marshfield, MA
Ruiz Bridget 2024 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Goshen, CT
Nerich Timothy 2024 Marine Engineering Lynn, MA
Odell Maura 2025 Marine Transporation Abington, MA
Santoro Ayla 2027 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Attleboro, MA
Gubert Mariana 2024 Emergency Management Newtonville, MA
Almeida Ryan 2024 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection East Taunton, MA
Leslie Tucker 2024 Facilities Engineering Mashpee, MA
Neth William 2024 Marine Engineering Merrimac, MA
Henry Ryan 2024 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Nahant, MA
Dziczkowski Jacob 2024 Marine Engineering Bethany, CT
Stewart Daniel 2025 Marine Engineering Westford, MA
Webb Aidan 2026 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Teaticket, MA
Hill Craig 2027 Marine Transporation Buzzards Bay, MA
Mayor Nathan 2027 Marine Transporation North Vancouver, BC
McCabe Hunter 2024 Marine Engineering Bridgewater, MA
Sciarini Michael 2027 Energy Systems Engineering Plymouth, MA
Caldwell Jerry 2026 Marine Transporation Quincy, MA
Maffeo Luke 2025 Emergency Management Dorchester Center, MA
Woods Liam 2025 Emergency Management Bridgewater, MA
Forgue Sean 2027 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Huntington, MA
Dreyer Nicholas 2025 Marine Transporation Falmouth, MA
Landry Sean 2024 Marine Engineering East Sandwich, MA
Toler Kevin 2024 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Quincy, MA
Gosselin Evangeline 2024 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection,Facilities Engineering North Andover, MA
Blair Henry 2026 Emergency Management Bethel, ME
Sanoussi Zach 2026 Emergency Management Milton, MA
Greally Maeve 2026 Emergency Management Carver, MA
Marjollet Jean-Claude 2026 Marine Transporation Harwich, MA
Barruzza Evan 2025 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Weymouth, MA
Feeney Stephen 2024 Marine Engineering Rochester, MA
Godkin Nathan 2026 Marine Engineering Las Vegas, NV
Koulikov Alexey 2026 Marine Engineering Berlin, MD
Birdsey Evan 2025 Marine Engineering Madison, CT
Llewellyn Cassie 2024 Marine Engineering Fairfield, CT
Cassidy James 2025 International Maritime Business Weymouth, MA
Bastarache Abel 2025 Marine Engineering,Energy Systems Engineering Middleboro, MA
Duseau Robert 2024 Marine Engineering Plymouth, MA
White Scott 2027 Marine Engineering Abington, MA
Gaynor Edward 2025 Marine Engineering Pocasset, MA
Danler Timothy 2027 Marine Engineering Yaphank, NY
Sarge Joshua 2027 Marine Transporation Georgetown, MA
Roth Owen 2025 Energy Systems Engineering East Kingston, NH
Scully Spencer 2027 Marine Transporation Boxford, MA
Dwight Chase 2026 Facilities Engineering West Newbury, MA
Hunt Ryan 2025 Emergency Management Hanson, MA
Strunk Amanda 2027 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Billerica, MA
Desmond Joshua 2025 Emergency Management Middleboro, MA
Klemp Jenna 2025 Emergency Management Onset, MA
Haine Ethan 2027 Marine Transporation Durham, NC
Davis Andrew 2027 Marine Transporation Danvers, MA
Palumbo Trey 2024 Marine Transporation Madison, CT
Acevedo Lucas 2024 Marine Engineering Gardner, MA
Garland Jack 2024 Facilities Engineering Mansfield, MA
Rumberger Patrick 2026 Marine Transporation Middletown, CT
Guidry Danielle 2024 Marine Engineering Nashua, NH
Pires Lily 2025 Marine Engineering Yarmouth, ME
Hoisington Jonah 2026 Marine Engineering Gardner, MA
Douglas Bruce 2024 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Belchertown, MA
Doyle Luke 2027 Facilities Engineering Kingston, MA
Isbell Dana 2025 Emergency Management Reading, MA
Barlage Edward 2026 Marine Engineering Guilford, CT
Millman Saleena 2024 Emergency Management Lowell, MA
Dang Henry 2026 International Maritime Business Quincy, MA
Baxter Zachary 2027 International Maritime Business Hyannis, MA
Gannon Reece 2026 Emergency Management Taunton, MA
Rein Quinn 2027 Marine Engineering Natick, MA
Bazan Jordi 2024 Marine Transporation Panama City,
Estrada Michael 2025 Marine Transporation Covington, LA
Kularski Deven 2027 Energy Systems Engineering Rochdale, MA
Franco Patrick 2025 Marine Transporation Newton, NJ
Almeida Lucas 2027 Emergency Management Pembroke, MA
Singh Kavita 2027 Marine Transporation Georgetown,
Ackerman Knox 2025 Marine Engineering Mendon, NY
Peters Walker 2025 Marine Engineering Hubbardston, MA
Harrington Aiden 2025 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Mattapoisett, MA
Holler Sarah 2027 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Hingham, MA
Fine Collin 2027 Marine Transporation Mansfield, MA
Kromenhoek Mac 2026 Marine Transporation Savannah, GA
Soughou Ryan 2025 Marine Engineering Bel Air, MD
McGovern Thomas 2024 Facilities Engineering Quincy, MA
Bonner Nathan 2024 Marine Engineering Plymouth, MA
Aiello John 2024 Marine Engineering Abington, MA
Shaughnessy Ryan 2024 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Natick, MA
Butler Rubi 2025 Emergency Management Plainville, MA
Trout Kinsley 2026 Emergency Management Rochester, MA
Desautels Jay 2025 Marine Transporation Rutland, MA
Doucette Nicholas 2024 Emergency Management Kingston, MA
Reardon Brandon 2024 Marine Transporation Yarmouth Port, MA
Marino James 2026 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Whitman, MA
Glotfelty Nicholas 2025 Marine Transporation Hope, AK
Solem Zachary 2025 Marine Transporation Wenonah, NJ
Worthley Samuel 2025 Marine Engineering Marblehead, MA
Joyce Alec 2026 Emergency Management Marstons Mills, MA
Narodowg Shayla 2026 Emergency Management Wellington, CO
Jacobsen Chett 2025 Marine Engineering Maynard, MA
Caulfield Michael 2026 Marine Engineering East Walpole, MA
McDonald Dillon 2027 Marine Engineering Mashpee, MA
Hanley Aidan 2027 Marine Engineering Clearwater Beach, FL
Lyons Patrick 2026 Marine Transporation Norwood, MA
Marin Lorenzo 2026 Marine Transporation San Juan, PR
Patterson Trenton 2027 Facilities Engineering Abington, MA
Zadroga Justin 2026 Marine Engineering Nantucket, MA
Prendergast Ryan 2024 Marine Engineering West Roxbury, MA
Dietsch Mallory 2027 Marine Transporation Erie, MI
Lamattina Nicholas 2024 International Maritime Business Groveland, MA
Neale Payton 2027 Facilities Engineering Stonington, CT
Gralewski Grady 2026 Marine Transporation San Diego, CA
McEvoy Collin 2027 Marine Engineering North Attleboro, MA
Ford Nicolas 2024 Marine Engineering Jackson, NJ
Duffy Joseph 2027 Energy Systems Engineering Plymouth, MA
Jones Kyle 2024 Marine Transporation Point Pleasant Boro, NJ
Kinsella Nickolaus 2024 Energy Systems Engineering East Falmouth, MA
Ferringo William 2027 Emergency Management Saugus, MA
Dambach Tyler 2027 Emergency Management Bedford, NH
Howe Samuel 2027 FENV Pleasanton, CA
Pierce Evan 2027 Emergency Management Ladera Ranch, CA
Nutter Jacob 2024 Emergency Management Barrington, RI
Zanari Mohamed 2024 Energy Systems Engineering Casablanca,
Geer Kyle 2026 Emergency Management Franklin, MA
Couturier Kevin 2023 Marine Engineering Merrimac, MA
Glass Ryan 2024 Marine Transporation Epping, NH
Liddell Alaina 2025 Emergency Management Weymouth, MA
Rotondo Jessica 2026 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection East Sandwich, MA
White John 2025 Emergency Management West Greenwich, RI
Duval Grayson 2024 Energy Systems Engineering Tolland, MA
Roling Stella Vicenzo 2025 Emergency Management Summerfield, NC
Sheehan Messina 2026 Emergency Management Kingston, MA
Handel Cole 2026 Emergency Management Eastham, MA
Eget Andrew 2024 Marine Transporation Ocean View, NJ
Hackett Shane 2025 Energy Systems Engineering Weymouth, MA
Bloomfield Nicholas 2025 Marine Engineering Buzzards Bay, MA
Lee Lorelei 2027 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Walpole, MA
Vanti Nicholas 2025 Marine Engineering East Longmeadow, MA
Jaturarat Sonja 2025 Marine Transporation Bristol, CT
Safarian Mikael 2024 Marine Engineering Jackson, NJ
McLellan Michael 2024 Facilities Engineering Duxbury, MA
Calla Nicholas 2024 Facilities Engineering Winthrop, MA
Faria Ryan 2027 Marine Engineering Dartmouth, MA
Hancock-Mendonca Morgan 2026 Emergency Management New Bedford, MA
Chapman Jack 2024 Facilities Engineering Marshfield, MA
Harring Carleen 2024 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Billerica, MA
Twomey Luke 2026 Emergency Management Green Harbor, MA
Canniff Luke 2026 Marine Engineering Dartmouth, MA
Bockman Troy 2025 Marine Transporation Groveland, MA
Masters Ryan 2024 Marine Engineering Marblehead, MA
Deangelis Jesse 2024 Facilities Engineering Braintree, MA
O'Rourke Jack 2026 International Maritime Business South Weymouth, MA
Christiano Nicholas 2027 Marine Transporation Prospect, CT
Krieg David 2024 Marine Transporation Hudson, MA
Boriolo Bridgette 2025 Marine Transporation Linden, CA
Rudiger Ethan 2026 Marine Transporation Westlake, OH
Acord McCaela 2026 Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection Sandwich, MA
Walker Norman 2024 Energy Systems Engineering Holliston, MA
Linhard Tanner 2025 Emergency Management Waterbury, CT
Jacobson Olyn 2026 Marine Engineering Mashpee, MA
Andronic Diana 2024 International Maritime Business Somerset, MA
Acri-Burns Marnay 2025 Emergency Management Stafford, VA
Pagliuca Richard 2024 International Maritime Business Saugus, MA
Calvert Brody 2027 Marine Engineering Windsor, MA
Greeley Matthew 2025 Marine Transporation Sandwich, MA
O'Neil Thomas 2027 Marine Transporation Quincy, MA
Peters Wyatt 2027 Marine Engineering Hubbardston, MA
Humphrey William 2027 Emergency Management Tewksbury, MA
Robinson Emma 2027 Emergency Management Bennington, NE
Haxton John 2024 Emergency Management Warwick, RI
Verrilli Jennifer 2025 Emergency Management Southington, CT
Dawson Luke 2024 Emergency Management East Bridgewater, MA
Healy Ryan 2025 Emergency Management Quincy, MA
Donohue Sean 2024 Energy Systems Engineering Watertown, MA
McNamara Shane 2025 Emergency Management Fairhaven, MA



Last Name First Name Major Class Year Hometown
Affsa Kyle Marine Engineering 2025 Plymouth, MA
Ahearn Ian Marine Engineering 2024 Mashpee, MA
Allegrini Morgan Facilities Engineering 2024 Carver, MA
Anderson James Facilities Engineering 2026 Duxbury, MA
Anderson Ryan Facilities Engineering 2026 Duxbury, MA
Ardizzoni Domenic Emergency Management 2024 Wilmington, MA
Atkins Mikayla Marine Transporation 2024 Cocoa Beach, FL
Awalt Nicole International Maritime Business 2025 Harwich, MA
Bachan Leeah Marine Transporation 2027 Trinidad and Tobago
Bagnell Hope Emergency Management 2024 Middleboro, MA
Bajadek Joshua Marine Engineering 2026 Newfoundland, PA
Baker Andrew Marine Engineering 2027 Woburn, MA
Barcelo Jian Emergency Management 2024 Hyannis, MA
Barrett Cooper Marine Transporation 2025 Somers, CT
Barruzza April Emergency Management 2027 Weymouth, MA
Benton Sierra Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2027 Lakeville, MA
Bernasconi Hannah International Maritime Business 2024 Braintree, MA
Beyer Ashley Emergency Management 2024 New Bedford, MA
Biaggi Mendez Nelson Marine Transporation 2027 Ponce, PR
Biondo Grace Marine Transporation 2026 Manvel, TX
Boozer Demetri Marine Engineering 2025 Mcdonough, GA
Bortolan Brandon Marine Transporation 2024 Wellesley, MA
Bouressa Connor Facilities Engineering 2024 Marshfield, MA
Brennan Ashley Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2025 Marshfield, MA
Brightman Andrew Emergency Management 2024 Wareham, MA
Brown Justin Marine Transporation 2024 Chesapeake, VA
Buckley Miranda Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2027 Buzzards Bay, MA
Bucko Maizie Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2024 Pawcatuck, CT
Burke Timothy Marine Engineering 2027 Weymouth, MA
Burke William Emergency Management 2026 Saugus, MA
Burton Hannah Emergency Management 2026 East Bridgewater, MA
Camelo Olivia Emergency Management 2024 Carver, MA
Campbell Aidan Marine Engineering 2027 Watertown, MA
Cann Adam International Maritime Business 2025 North Easton, MA
Cappello Anthony Facilities Engineering 2027 Braintree, MA
Carr Jeffrey International Maritime Business 2025 Scituate, MA
Cates Kukunaokala Marine Engineering 2027 Kailua, HI
Chavero Austin Marine Engineering 2026 Framingham, MA
Christensen Joshua Marine Engineering 2025 Natick, MA
Chung Timothy Emergency Management 2027 Stoughton, MA
Claxton Joshua Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2024 Worcester, MA
Coady Samuel Marine Engineering 2027 Plymouth, MA
Colbert Christopher Marine Engineering 2025 Plymouth, MA
Colbert Sean Marine Engineering 2023 Manomet, MA
Collins Hunter Marine Engineering 2025 Old Lyme, CT
Connolly Liam Facilities Engineering 2027 South Weymouth, MA
Cooley Harrison Emergency Management 2026 Marshfield, MA
Coughlin Shamus International Maritime Business 2025 Centerville, MA
Courteau Miranda Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2025 Auburn, MA
Croft John International Maritime Business 2027 Marshfield, MA
Crotty Sydney Marine Transporation 2025 Winthrop, MA
Curvelo Ian Facilities Engineering 2025 Fairhaven, MA
Davis Gavin International Maritime Business 2025 Middleboro, MA
Davis Sean Emergency Management 2025 Lovettsville, VA
Decosta Anthony Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2024 North Easton, MA
Degenhard Quinn Marine Transporation 2027 Lancaster, PA
Del Rosso Celia Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2024 Hingham, MA
Desmond Liam Marine Transporation 2025 Scituate, MA
Desrosiers Cobi International Maritime Business 2024 East Freetown, MA
Dewan Gobind Facilities Engineering 2024 Marstons Mills, MA
DiBeneditto Erik Emergency Management 2024 Sagamore Beach, MA
Dionisio Anthony Facilities Engineering 2024 Fort Pierce, FL
Doherty Kevin Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2023 Braintree, MA
Duane Matthew Energy Systems Engineering 2025 Braintree, MA
Dubois Luke Marine Engineering 2026 Saint Paul, MN
Duggan Derek Emergency Management 2024 Sagamore Beach, MA
Durant Charles Marine Transporation 2024 Charleston, SC
Egeli Tyler Marine Transporation 2024 Drayden, MD
Epright William IMBU 2027 Middletown, CT
Escher Mack Marine Engineering 2027 Brewster, MA
Estabrook Jack International Maritime Business 2025 Bridgewater, MA
Eustace James Emergency Management 2024 Hingham, MA
Fappiano-Puttre Michael Marine Transporation,Marine Engineering 2023 New Haven, CT
Fehan Benjamin Emergency Management 2024 Quincy, MA
Flynn Thomas Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2025 Georgetown, MA
Francavilla Cole Emergency Management 2024 Stoneham, MA
Garavito David Emergency Management 2024 Agawam, MA
Gibson Alexander Marine Engineering 2024 Nantucket, MA
Glennon Matthew International Maritime Business 2023 South Walpole, MA
Glotfelty Julia Marine Transporation 2027 Durango, CO
Glynn Brendan International Maritime Business 2026 Quincy, MA
Gonzalez Vargas Jesus Marine Transporation 2024 Panama City,
Goodman Jo-Anne Emergency Management 2024 Plymouth, MA
Gorry William Energy Systems Engineering 2025 Wallingford, CT
Gover Megan Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2024 North Dighton, MA
Grahl Samuel Marine Transporation 2024 Campbellsport, WI
Haines Yvonne Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2027 East Bridgewater, MA
Hajjar Joseph Facilities Engineering 2027 Abington, MA
Haller Ashley Marine Engineering 2026 Norwalk, CT
Hammond Coleson Marine Transporation 2024 Auburn, MA
Handville Aidan Marine Transporation 2026 North Eastham, MA
Hanks Mason Energy Systems Engineering 2027 Mattapoisett, MA
Harris Murphy Energy Systems Engineering 2027 Homer Glen, IL
Healy Brendan Emergency Management 2025 Quincy, MA
Hendricks Eric Marine Transporation 2025 Panama,
Herrera Yorlan Emergency Management 2026 Peabody, MA
Hickman Charles Marine Engineering 2025 Nantucket, MA
Hicks Hannah Marine Engineering 2025 Columbia, NJ
Hodges William Marine Transporation 2025 Plantation, FL
Homola Josef Marine Transporation 2024 Hollis, NH
Horlbogen William Marine Transporation 2024 North Kingstown, RI
Howard Joseph Marine Transporation 2026 Thornton, CO
Howard Michael Marine Transporation 2026 Milton, MA
Howell Liam International Maritime Business 2025 Sandwich, MA
Hudson Edward Marine Transporation 2027 Rowesville, SC
Huffman Samuel International Maritime Business 2025 Guilford, CT
Hunt Dylan Marine Transporation 2024 Barrington, RI
Hunter Mikayla Emergency Management 2024 Mansfield, MA
Hyman Joseph Marine Transporation 2027 Waldorf, MD
Ilves Dennis Marine Transporation 2024 Dedham, MA
Imparato Mark Marine Engineering 2026 Bellingham, MA
Isaksen Luke Facilities Engineering 2023 Fairhaven, MA
Johnson Chloe Marine Engineering 2026 Spencer, MA
Joseph Jethro Marine Engineering 2024 Hialeah, FL
Kelly Quinn Facilities Engineering 2025 West Roxbury, MA
Kennedy Nolan Emergency Management 2024 Auburn, MA
Kent Anthony Emergency Management 2026 Sandwich, MA
Kershaw Jesse Marine Engineering 2026 Middleton, MA
Keyes Hunter Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2023 Orleans, MA
Knowles Jack Facilities Engineering 2026 New Bedford, MA
Kostyk Keenan Emergency Management 2024 Milton, MA
Kowalski Daniel Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2026 East Weymouth, MA
Krut Andriy Marine Transporation 2025 Wilton, CT
Kyburg-Abbott Henry Marine Engineering 2027 Vineyard Haven, MA
Lacourt Thomas International Maritime Business 2024 Weymouth, MA
Landry Colin Emergency Management 2025 Norton, MA
Langrill John Facilities Engineering 2025 Marshfield, MA
Lanman Thomas Emergency Management 2024 Cotuit, MA
Larrivee Molly Emergency Management 2024 Brockton, MA
Lassere Hunter Marine Transporation 2024 Belle Chasse, LA
LeHew Charles Marine Transporation 2024 Norfolk, VA
Leiser Paul Marine Transporation 2026 Ocean View, NJ
Lelievre Abigail Emergency Management 2024 Littleton, MA
Lemire Nathan Emergency Management 2025 Merrimack, NH
Leshaw Andrew Marine Transporation 2025 Key Biscayne, FL
Lippert James Marine Engineering 2027 Braintree, MA
Logiudice Michael Emergency Management 2026 Bridgewater, MA
Lord James Emergency Management 2024 Wellfleet, MA
Lorentsen Bryanca Emergency Management 2026 East Falmouth, MA
Luz Anton Lee Emergency Management 2024 Buzzard's Bay, MA
Lydell Dylan Marine Transporation 2024 Jamestown, NY
Mackintire Ryan International Maritime Business 2024 Raynham, MA
Maclachlan John Marine Engineering 2026 Syracuse, NY
Macrina Alexander Marine Engineering 2024 Carver, MA
Macvaugh Bailey Marine Engineering 2025 Hampstead, NC
Maggiore Cameron Emergency Management 2023 Pembroke, MA
Maher Kylie International Maritime Business 2025 Halifax, MA
Mankewich Devin Marine Transporation 2027 Scituate, MA
Manning Audrey Emergency Management 2025 Hanover, MA
Manning James Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2024 East Dennis, MA
Marra Alexander Marine Engineering 2027 Great Neck, NY
Marsden Alexander International Maritime Business 2027 Marion, MA
Marshall Joseph Marine Engineering 2024 Pembroke, MA
Marvel Mark Energy Systems Engineering 2025 Taunton, MA
Marvelli Thomas International Maritime Business 2027 Barrington, RI
Mastroianni James Marine Transporation 2027 North Falmouth, MA
Mattson Henry Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection,Marine Transporation 2023 Rockport, MA
Maucci Vicente Marine Transporation 2025 Miami, FL
Mayers Eric Marine Transporation 2025 Monroe, NJ
McCarthy Joseph Emergency Management 2024 Abington, MA
McDonald Liam Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2024 Weymouth, MA
McDonough Alyssa Marine Transporation 2027 Dracut, MA
McDougall Steven Emergency Management 2026 Hingham, MA
McGahey Jake Emergency Management 2024 Quincy, MA
McGill Nikolas Marine Transporation 2025 Brunswick, GA
McGilvray Heath Energy Systems Engineering 2027 Plymouth, MA
McGuinness Paul Marine Engineering 2027 Boston, MA
McQueen Shane Marine Engineering 2027 Lynnfield, MA
Mekjian Edward Facilities Engineering 2026 Avon, MA
Mello Christopher Emergency Management 2024 Wrentham, MA
Molloy Nicholas International Maritime Business 2025 Marshfield, MA
Moore Jacob Facilities Engineering 2024 Hanover, MA
Moulton Parker Marine Transporation 2024 East Falmouth, MA
Mulkern Christian Facilities Engineering 2024 Sagamore Beach, MA
Murphy Marc Emergency Management 2023 Norwood, MA
Murray James Energy Systems Engineering 2027 Bridgewater, MA
Murray Liam Marine Transporation 2024 Newbury, MA
Nangle Michael Marine Engineering 2026 Dedham, MA
Nelson Bradford Marine Engineering 2025 Westwood, MA
Nicholson Connor Marine Engineering 2027 Harwich, MA
Oberg Dennis Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2027 Plymouth, MA
O'Brien Michael Marine Engineering 2024 Franklin, MA
O'Donnell Jack Facilities Engineering 2024 Marshfield, MA
O'Keeffe Mollie Energy Systems Engineering 2023 Norton, MA
O'Rourke Logan Facilities Engineering,NMAT 2023 Dayville, CT
Padula William International Maritime Business 2026 East Weymouth, MA
Parrott Cambria Marine Engineering 2024 Brewster, MA
Parrott Jillian Marine Engineering 2027 Brewster, MA
Paul Keven International Maritime Business 2024 Plymouth, MA
Pavlovich Jake Marine Engineering 2027 Old Saybrook, CT
Pendergast Declan Marine Engineering 2024 West Newbury, MA
Penney Troy Marine Engineering 2027 Mansfield, MA
Pigott Matthew International Maritime Business 2024 Mashpee, MA
Powers Ryan Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2027 East Bridgewater, MA
Pride Lindsey Marine Engineering 2024 Westerly, RI
Pugh Charlie International Maritime Business 2025 Milton, MA
Pyke Patrick Marine Engineering 2024 Sandwich, MA
Ramsey Margaret Facilities Engineering 2024 Glastonbury, CT
Reddish Ally Emergency Management 2024 Canton, MA
Reicker Aaron Marine Engineering 2024 Barre, MA
Reilly John Marine Transporation 2025 Vero Beach, FL
Resendes Abby-Lin Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2024 Fairhaven, MA
Riehl Michael Marine Transporation 2024 Hebron, CT
Roche Brian Emergency Management 2025 Sagamore Beach, MA
Rolfe Ava Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2027 Marstons Mills, MA
Rose Tyler Energy Systems Engineering 2027 North Dighton, MA
Roy Thomas Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2024 North Attleboro, MA
Sandoz Greyson Marine Transporation 2027 Shrewsbury, NJ
Santos Myles Marine Engineering 2027 Provincetown, MA
Schultz Tanner Marine Engineering 2024 Ivoryton, CT
Segatore Max Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2023 Plymouth, MA
Seidell Jack Marine Transporation 2027 New Orleans, LA
Shanahan Kyle International Maritime Business 2026 Lowell, MA
Shea Timothy Marine Transporation 2025 Boston, MA
Sherry Nolan Marine Engineering 2026 Madison, CT
Short Daniel Marine Transporation 2025 Port Jefferson, NY
Smith Daniel Energy Systems Engineering 2025 Boylston, MA
Smith Finley Marine Transporation 2026 Edgewater, MD
Smith Logan Emergency Management 2026 West Dennis, MA
Souretis Nicholas International Maritime Business 2026 Marshfield, MA
Souza Joshua Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2025 Franklin, MA
Souza Kyle Marine Engineering 2026 East Falmouth, MA
St. Pierre Jack Marine Transporation 2025 Brunswick, ME
Stephens Marina Marine Engineering 2025 Mattapoisett, MA
Strano Sophia Marine Transporation 2024 East Sandwich, MA
Struss Gabriella International Maritime Business 2024 North Attleboro, MA
Stueber Richard Emergency Management 2023 Stratford, CT
Sullivan Christopher Marine Transporation 2026 Scituate, MA
Sullivan Daniel Emergency Management 2024 Marshfield, MA
Sullivan Liam Marine Transporation 2024 Westport, MA
Surprenant Gilles Facilities Engineering 2024 Littleton, MA
Tarbox Hannah Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2023 Hanover, MA
Tatomir Christopher Marine Engineering 2024 South Dennis, MA
Thurston Thomas Marine Transporation 2027 Rutland, MA
Tierney Tucker Marine Transporation 2024 Yarmouth Port, MA
Trelegan Samuel Energy Systems Engineering 2024 Cotuit, MA
Trimble Anthony Marine Transporation 2025 Springfield, MO
Trudel Taylor Marine Transporation 2024 Buzzards Bay, MA
Tsika Logan International Maritime Business 2025 East Freetown, MA
Tueller Elias Marine Engineering 2027 Anchorage, AK
Turgeon Brent Marine Engineering 2026 Northbridge, MA
Vanasse Joseph Marine Engineering 2027 Abington, MA
Vaughan William Marine Transporation 2024 Tappahannock, VA
Vieira Evan Marine Engineering 2025 Hull, MA
Vricella Joseph Marine Transporation 2027 Medford, NJ
Ward Ryleigh International Maritime Business 2027 Enterprise, AL
Wasoka Cadence Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2027 Stoughton, MA
Weir Aidan Emergency Management 2025 Wallingford, CT
White Matthew Facilities Engineering 2025 Braintree, MA
Willard Jack Marine Science Safety and Environmental Protection 2027 Braintree, MA
Wilson Jeremy Marine Transporation 2027 Plymouth, MA
Wright Sebastian Marine Engineering 2026 Milton, MA
Yeomans Cody Marine Engineering 2027 Boxford, MA
Yuskaitis Samuel Marine Engineering 2024 Barnstable, MA
Zalzal Nathan Marine Engineering 2024 Nashua, NH
Zielinski Mathew Marine Engineering 2026 Franklin, MA