Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions related definitions


Please contact the Office of Admissions with any other questions that you may have about the Academy or applying for admission. 

Early Action
Students submit their application and all supporting documents by November 1st to be considered for EA.  A student will be notified prior to the holiday break in December of appointment to the Academy or that their application is being considered in our rolling admissions pool.  EA is a non-binding agreement.  Freshman applicants with serious interest in the Academy are strongly encouraged to apply EA.  

Rolling Admission
Students not applying/considered for Early Action will be reviewed in our rolling admissions pool.  Rolling admissions means that we will be accepting applications as long as spaces are available and will close once the class has been filled. 

MAPS (Maritime Academy Preparatory Semester)
Students accepted into the MAPS program must satisfy specific criteria during their first semester in order to continue their education. Please be sure to read carefully the conditions placed on your admission decision to understand how this program will help you to take the necessary steps to achieve long-term success as well as gain a full appointment to the Academy.

Conditional Acceptance
Students who are offered a conditional acceptance will be considered appointed to the Academy but must satisfy specific conditions to gain full appointment.  Please be sure to read carefully any conditions placed on your admission to understand how to gain full appointment.  All students are subject to conditional admission for the successful completion of any course work currently in progress.

Students that are denied as entering freshman, or that have already attended another accredited college or university, may explore our transfer option.  A student with completion of 12 transferable credits, or if not entering the Academy directly out of high school, must meet the aforementioned criteria.  Student must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher and must have the following coursework within their transfer credit records to be considered for admission: 

  • College-level English, 
  • College Algebra or higher 
  • Chemistry I with a lab
  • Elective ( Humanities/Social Science)

A student is denied admission to Massachusetts Maritime Academy and may be considered as a transfer for a future term.  Students can also request a meeting with a counselor to outline a path to better prepare them for future acceptance.

Enrollment Deposit
Any student who wishes to enroll at Massachusetts Maritime Academy upon receipt of an acceptance is required to submit a non-refundable $400 enrollment deposit. This will confirm their place in the incoming class. Payments must be received no later than May 1st to guarantee a student’s enrollment. Students who do not reply by May 1st will forfeit their appointment to the Academy and it will be offered to a student on the wait-list on a space availability basis.


General FAQs


Do I have to join the military?

No, our cadets do not have a service obligation. However, commissioning options are available for those that are interested.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

Yes, all students participate in the Regiment which requires them to wear a uniform every day. There are some exceptions specifically among our transfer students.

What majors are available?

We offer 7 undergraduate majors, 9 minors and 3 concentrations. Visit our degrees and programs page for more information. 

Do I have to go on the training ship?

Students within our Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation programs participate in sea term all 4 years they are here. Facilities Engineering students complete one sea term during their first year. Additionally, all first year students will spend a short time on the ship as a part of orientation.

Is study abroad available?

There are several exchange programs available within certain majors. Other opportunities may be coordinated on an individual basis. Sea term and experiential learning trips are often abroad.


Is career counseling available to help find a job after graduation?

Yes, we have a Career Services department on campus that assists current students with finding internships and full time jobs. We host a highly attended career fair each semester where students have the opportunity to meet and interview with potential employers.

What do students do after they graduate?

Similar to many colleges, our students pursue a variety of post graduate careers. Many students work in the maritime industry on land, or at sea, while others pursue non-maritime related careers. Students may continue their education in a graduate program at the Academy, or elsewhere. About 10% of our graduates each year pursue military service.

Is it true that your programs are hands on?

Yes, all of our academic programs follow a “Learn, Do, Learn” philosophy. This means that hands-on/experiential learning is a required part of all of our programs. Students can still expect to spend time in the classroom, but will also have the opportunity to apply knowledge through hands-on work on/off campus.

What is your drugs and alcohol policy?

Massachusetts Maritime Academy is a drug, alcohol and tobacco free campus. Cadets are subject to random drug testing throughout their 4 years on campus.

Are open houses offered during the fall/spring?

Yes, we offer a variety of open houses throughout the year. Upcoming dates and more information can be found by clicking on the "Register for an event" button on our visitor's page.


Admitted Students FAQs



Do I have to live on campus?

Yes, our students are generally required to live on campus. There may be circumstances that allow students to live off campus, particularly among transfer students.

Can I have a car on campus?

First- year students cannot have a car on campus. Some off-campus parking lots are available near campus, however, they are not monitored by the Academy. 

Can I switch majors once I’m on campus?

Yes, this is most easily done during freshman year and can be easier, or more difficult, depending on your major. For example, switching into a license track major is more difficult than switching out of one.

Do I need a passport?

Yes, all incoming freshman should plan to have a passport by November at the latest. The turnaround time for processing is typically 6-8 weeks so plan accordingly.



I would like to change the major that I was accepted into, is that possible?

Written requests for change of major prior to enrollment can be sent to

I live out-of-state, how do I complete my uniform fitting?

If you live outside of New England, there is an option for you to submit an online measurement form. Any questions should be directed to the Academy's Bookstore at (508) 830-6488.

How do I pay for my sea bag?

The cost of your sea bag will be included in your fall bill. Questions in regard to this payment can be directed to Student Financial Services at (508) 830-5400.

Parents FAQs


What are the most important events for me to attend as a parent of an incoming freshman?

Two significant events for freshman are Orientation Graduation and Freshman Recognition. Concluding the two-week mandatory orientation in August is Orientation Graduation which is a ceremony that includes a marching competition followed by awards and the cadet candidate oath. Additionally, freshman are free to leave campus for the weekend (if applicable). Freshman Recognition occurs during Homecoming weekend. This is when the Cadet Candidates will have completed all necessary assignments to finally be recognized as Fourth Class (4/C) Cadets.

How do I send mail to my son/daughter?

All mail can be sent to the main campus address. Once he/she is assigned to a company, you need to include this next to his/her name. 



I’m booking travel plans, when will my son/daughter be home for break?

Freshman, regardless of when their last exam is during finals week, are required to stay on campus until the last day of exams to assist with cleaning out of the dorms. Please plan accordingly by referring to our Academic Calendar for specific dates. Additionally, students may have a mandatory Holiday Watch so please be sure to check with him/her. 

Can I see my son/daughter during orientation?

No, Orientation is focused on transitioning cadets to life at Mass Maritime, as well as, team building exercises with their fellow classmates. That being said, communication with people off campus is limited to allow the experience to be all encompassing and to limit distractions. Communication is limited to help reduce home sickness as cadets adjust to life on campus.