Salute to Maritime Person of the Year


Honoring Thomas B. Crowley Jr. 

Massachusetts Maritime Academy honors a civilian or military leader with a distinguished career of excellence, innovation and service to the maritime industries and other industries we serve and honors them with the Emery Rice Medal at our Salute to the Maritime Person of the Year events. Past honorees have included admirals, captains, CEO’s, and leading maritime executives from around the globe. Our honoree is presented with the Captain Emery Rice medal named for an 1897 Academy graduate and WWI hero. Captain Rice was recognized twice by Theodore Roosevelt for his maritime skill and bravery as a shining example of American courage and fighting spirit.

This medal has been presented to a select group of maritime professionals who have contributed significantly to the advancement of the very principles taught at the Academy; leadership, ethics, business sense and respect for the ocean environment. All medal recipients have one thing in common, they have earned the respect of their peers.