Accepted Students

Class of 2026

Congratulations, you've been accepted to Massachusetts Maritime Academy! You're about to join a community of students who are driven and who will inspire you to explore rewarding opportunities, pursue your passions, and obtain a one-of-a-kind educational experience.

This page was created to guide you through the enrollment process up to the first day of orientation in August. Be sure to check this page regularly as additional content will be added over the next several months.  

We're Here to Help
If you can’t find what you are looking for, please refer to the contact information on the left-hand side of the screen to contact the department directly. Additionally, your dedicated Admissions counselor is available to help you navigate the enrollment process.

To apply for financial aid, students must complete a Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year.  Priority deadline for incoming students is March 1. The form can be found at

All students can monitor their financial aid status through the MMA self-service portal. You will receive information regarding how to access this portal via email shortly after you receive your acceptance packet from the Admissions Office.  In addition to viewing your application status, you can also view missing documents, review/accept your financial aid offer online, print your financial aid offer letter, complete all necessary steps to finalize your aid and view important information regarding your financial aid offer as well as financial aid policies.

If you have been awarded any outside scholarships be sure to notify the Office of Student Financial Service, either by reporting it under the ‘REPORT/VIEW OUTSIDE AWARDS’ link on the MMA self-service portal, or by sending written notification directly to the Office of Student Financial Services.

Visit Financial Services

Please join us on campus for one of our Accepted Students Days on March 12 or April 9! Let us know you’re attending by completing the Google Form registration below.  Additionally, more information can be found on the Accepted Students Day webpage linked below.

agenda    Registration


Submit your non-refundable $400 enrollment fee - payable by check, or credit card* using the button below. Please utilize the return envelope provided in your acceptance packet to return the confirmation form to the Office of Admissions or download it electronically below and send to Please note, you will need your Student ID number to complete payment - this can be found on your acceptance letter. Completing these steps not only holds your place in the class, but is the trigger for additional information and allows other departments on campus to acknowledge you are an incoming student.

*A service fee may apply

Pay Your Enrollment Fee         

confirmation Form

MMA prides itself on its technology resources, all of which you will need to successfully transition to life as a cadet. You will receive an email with your account login information shortly after your acceptance, at which point you can access the Tech Prep page and complete your next steps. 

Once you have set up your technology, log into the Self Service Portal and follow the link for Student Finance.  Once on the landing page, in the upper left corner you will find a link for MY ACCOUNT.  Follow this link to find a number of items that you should complete.  Most important would be adding an Additional Payer(s), so that this person will receive email correspondence from us whenever there is activity on your student account. This also allows the payer their own access to pay your bill on your behalf. By signing up for SMS notifications, you will receive a text message from us in addition to the email that is sent when a new bill has been posted. 

You are also encouraged to enroll in the Direct Deposit electronic refund, allowing us to deposit any refunds directly into your bank account, rather than wait weeks for us to cut and mail you a check.  Even if you are not expecting any type of refund, you are encouraged to set this up, just in case.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person uniform fittings will take place in limited capacity in mid-to-late May. Dates for in-person fittings will be announced to the student's official email and posted to this page. Please note that all safety protocols for in-person fittings will be adhered to. If students are unable to be fitted in-person (due to COVID or personal reasons), the process for virtual fittings will also be posted soon.

Please return for updated information as it becomes available.

Due to continuing COVID-19 impacts,  our placement tests for English and Math have not yet been scheduled.

Please return for updated information on placement. 

Please review this letter carefully, this placement data will be used to determine your fall courses.  


New student registration is for first-year and  transfer students.

Fall of 2022 Registration for incoming students will take place in early June after applicants have been accepted and paid their enrollment fee. 

Please return for updated information as soon as it becomes available.

Registration Information to follow


Massachusetts Maritime Academy is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for students with documented learning differences/disability. The ADA defines a difference/disability as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more life activity. The Director of Disability Compliance works in collaboration with faculty and other campus departments to provide support for students with learning differences (including ADD and ADHD). This coordination of efforts complies with the mandates of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Students requesting accommodations are required to provide a neuro-psych evaluation completed within the past three years. Documentation of the disability must be dated within three years of the date of enrollment. 

Learn More

You'll need to submit your vaccinations, health insurance, and other information into our Health Portal. You'll also need to gather information from your primary care provider.

More on Medical Clearance


According to Massachusetts State Law, all students must be covered by health insurance. If you are not covered by an outside insurance policy, you must purchase and enroll in the health plan available through the Academy. Enroll in or waive the school sponsored Health Insurance. If waiving, the charge on your bill will be removed once we receive confirmation that you filled out the waiver. This must be done each and every academic year.

*This must be completed between June 1 and July 1 to avoid charges on your bill.

Incoming Freshmen - Please make sure your final official high school transcript includes proof of graduation. Offers of acceptance to Massachusetts Maritime Academy are contingent upon successful completion of all courses and certification of your high school graduation. If your performance declines significantly, we reserve the right to rescind your acceptance. Have your AP and/or IB scores sent to the Registrar's Office to be awarded credit (if applicable).

Incoming Transfers - Be sure to send your final official college transcript. Offers of acceptance to Massachusetts Maritime Academy are contingent upon successfully meeting the transfer standards. If final transcripts do not meet these standards, we reserve the right to rescind your acceptance. Please note that only a grade of “C” or higher is considered for transfer. A grade of “P” or its equivalent will also be considered for transfer only if it was received during the Spring 2022 semester.

Per the USCG CFR, the Academy requires a negative drug screen for all cadets within 6 (six) months of enrolling at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  Please get the drug screen between March 1 and August 01, 2022. The Academy’s preferred drug testing provider is Quest Diagnostics.  

1) Paying For Your Drug Test - More information to follow
2) Scheduling Your Drug Test - More information to follow


All incoming students are required to complete the following forms:

1.) If you do not have a passport or need to renew, please do so ASAP.  For incoming cadets that already have a passport, please check the expiration date! If your passport is going to expire within six months of January 2022, renew your passport. Some countries require that your passport be valid at least six months beyond the dates of your trip. Students will be participating in either Sea Term or Experiential Learning trips which include foreign ports/travel.  If you have questions regarding passports or any travel requirements outside of the United States, please contact the Office of Intercultural Engagement at

2.) Marine Transportation, Marine Engineering, and Facilities Engineering students will need a valid passport, as well as a Transportation Worker's Identification Credential (TWIC) to participate on Sea Term. Additionally, Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering students will need a Transportation Worker's Identification Credential (TWIC) to be able to apply for their cadet credential. Don't forget to check off "Merchant Mariner" when asked for your profession! 

Please note, Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering students will apply for their Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) during the first semester of freshman year. Unless a student has already obtained an MMC for job opportunities, we encourage students to wait and allow us to help guide them through this process. The Director of Mariner Credentialing will meet several times with students throughout the semester as they complete the major milestones culminating in the mariner credential. The MMC is NOT a requirement for Sea Term I.

*We are aware that COVID-19 is likely impacting your ability to complete this step. We will be operating with as much flexibility as possible this year as processing times are significantly delayed and expedited processing has been suspended. Please simply plan to complete this step when offices are open and it is safe to do so.


An Orientation packet will be mailed out to all incoming students in July.   Orientation will take place in August.  

Please return for updated information as it becomes available.


If you are interested in participating in a varsity intercollegiate sport, the Massachusetts Maritime Academy mandates Student-Athletes adhere to the following requirements, in accordance with the NCAA:
  • Obtain a Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (PPEval) within 6 months of the 1st practice
    • Submit a copy of this form to Chris Barry
    • Fall sport athletes should obtain a PPEval no earlier than March 1st 
    • Spring sport athletes should obtain a PPEval no earlier than April 1st 
      • April 1st coincides with non-traditional fall practices/tryouts
    • If you're unable to obtain an updated PPEval within 6 months, contact Chris Barry
  • Complete the online Athletic Training medical information; this is in addition to Health Services info 
    • Go to (SportsWare Online)
    • Click “Join SportsWare” and enter the School ID: MMABUCS 
    • Fill in the required information using your MARITIME EMAIL; a personal email will only be accepted as a secondary email address
    • After being granted access to the site, complete all info marked with a red asterisk (*)
    • Info will be reviewed, and status manually updated
  • Provide your sickle cell trait status
  • Complete a baseline concussion test
    • Upon completing the aforementioned information, contact Chris Barry for instructions
  • Complete the Covid Questionnaire
    • This will be emailed to you at the beginning of August
  • A Covid vaccination will be required to participate in any sport
    • This will be verified with Health Services