Medical Clearance

Accepted Students

Class of 2028 cadet candidates need to submit all medical requirements before June 1, 2024.  The required forms will be posted here on or before February 12, 2024.

The medical clearance process is separated in two parts:   

  • Part One includes visiting a healthcare provider, obtaining a copy of your vaccination record, having the Health Report completed, then uploading this information into your health portal.
  • Part Two consists of completing the “forms” section of your health portal.

Please contact Health Services with any questions at

Contact the IT Service desk with any login issues (508.830.5308 or


Medical Clearance Instructions Class of 2028


Health Portal

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Orientation at Massachusetts Maritime Academy is physically strenuous and all incoming cadets’ medical history is reviewed to determine whether they can safely participate in the program. We may ask for more information to help us understand a medical issue and it is the responsibility of each incoming cadet to alert Health Services if their medical condition changes before Orientation. Additionally, the staff of Health Services is familiar with the USCG medical requirements for licensure as a Merchant Mariner. We review each incoming Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering student’s medical record to determine if there are any medical issues that might prevent them from being granted a medical certificate by the Coast Guard. A student cannot graduate from one of the licensed programs unless they are receive a USCG medical certificate

The drug testing program is not administered by Health Services. This requirement is made by the Coast Guard and the program is administered by the Office of the Commandant of Cadets. There is an outside laboratory that performs the tests and their medical review officer (MRO) is responsible for determining if the test is negative or positive.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy follows all of the requirements set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (AICP).  

Effective May 11, 2023, COVID vaccination mandates will be lifted per the federal government and Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

With this, COVID vaccination and boosting will be encouraged but no longer required for visitors, employers, or students (including the incoming class). All other vaccination requirements for incoming students remain in place. 

Health Services offers almost everything that your primary care provider does. We offer other things too. We offer Coast Guard physical exams (CG-719K forms), vaccines, medicines and blood tests needed for both travel abroad, commercial shipping and other internships. We can do a DOT/USCG drug screen if needed for a job. We perform minor procedures such as excision of ingrown toenails, abscess treatment, sutures. We order blood tests and draw blood (phlebotomy). We can help you navigate the regimental requirements as they apply to medical conditions. We are truly a full service medical office.