International Student Admission

Welcome to Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA). You are making an applaudable choice to join top seagoing, engineering and environmental professionals at one of the top state maritime universities in the country. As an international student at MMA, defined as a non-US citizen or non-US Permanent Resident Green Card holder, you will find that the undergraduate education is unlike any other. You will not only learn and experience the American culture; but you will also dive into the unique and rewarding culture that is the MMA's Regiment of Cadets - a culture that will build the foundation to successfully achieve your educational and career goals.

Men and women from around the world are encouraged to join our STEM family and specialize in any of our seven majors.

Undergraduate Degrees -

Graduate Degrees -

* Special Notice for International Students Interested in Licensed Majors (Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation): Non-US citizen, upon successful completion of the United States Coast Guard Exam and graduation, will receive a Letter of Accreditation INSTEAD of a US Coast Guard License. US citizenship is required to attain the US Coast Guard License. The Letter of Accreditation, along with all graduation certificates, may then be used to acquire a home country's Coast Guard License. The process will vary from country to country.

Best Wishes,
Office of Inclusive Excellence and International Programs