Undergraduate Payment Delinquency

Late Bill Payments



This policy addresses the timeline of undergraduate billing due dates, the consequences for students not paying on time, and the Academy departments that are accountable for applying these consequences.


This policy applies to undergraduate students and specific Academy departments. These departments include the Office of Student Financial Services, Commandant's Office, Registrar's Office and Enterprise Systems.


Billing Dates
The dates associated with student billing will be communicated to students, parents and staff. The following is a list of some of the places where this information will be communicated:

  • The Cadet Handbook;
  • Emails sent to the parents list group;
  • Emails sent to incoming and current students;
  • The Academy website;
  • On the student e-bills.

Delinquency Consequences
If a student fails to make full payment on the due date, they will incur a late fee of $100. If a student fails to make full payment 2 weeks past the due date, the Academy will  send a certified letter to the student’s home address. This letter will state that the student has 2 weeks to make full payment. If full payment is not made at this time, the student may lose their housing, receive a Class II, receive an additional $150 delinquency fee, and be unenrolled from classes.

Staff Accountability
The following departments will ensure the enforcement of this policy:

  • Student Financial Services - creates the list of delinquent students
  • Finance VP - sends the certified letter to the home addresses of delinquent students
  • Commandant's Office - enforces Class II and loss of housing
  • Registrar - enforces loss of registration


Scheduled Actions


Fall Term

Spring Term

Bills sent

July 1

January 1

Bills due

July 15

February 1

Late Fee ($100)

July 16

February 2

Letter Sent

August 1

February 15

Final Delinquency

August 15

February 28


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Cross-departmental meeting on Student Billing

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Anne Marie Fallon and Liz Novak

Continued discussion on formatting a policy draft



Liz Novak

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1.4 5.4.2017 Anne Marie Fallon, Rose Marie Cass, and Liz Novak Finalized draft and publication