Cadet Emergency Fund 


The Cadet Emergency Fund (CEF) provides compassionate assistance to currently enrolled full-time undergraduate cadets who encounter unforeseen financial emergencies or catastrophic events that could disrupt their progress toward a degree. These funds are not intended to be used for routine expenses nor as a consistent supplement to a cadet’s education funding sources. Examples of emergency situations may include but are not limited to illness, accident, death of a family member, natural disaster, or fire damage. The award amounts will vary depending on the type of emergency, and the cadet’s actual need.

Application process:

  1. Cadets must meet with the designated member of the Commandant of Cadets Office to describe their situation so that the Office is best able to determine if the situation meets the threshold for the Fund or what other sources might alleviate the burden on the cadet.
  2. After meeting with designated member of the Commandant of Cadets Office, cadets must submit the application form which includes, a. A brief narrative of the financial issue being experienced, as well as any related documentation. The narrative must include an explanation of why this amount is needed and what led to the financial emergency. b. The names of the organization(s) or individual(s) to which money is owed (e.g. airline, etc.), if any.
  3. The Commandant of Cadets or designee will reach out to the Cadet Emergency Fund Committee to set up a meeting. The Cadet Emergency Fund Committee will: a. Determine if the cadet qualifies for assistance and the amount of funding to be awarded. b. Notify the cadet of the decision and next steps. c. All decisions made by the committee are final and not open for appeal.
  4. Cadets receiving assistance must provide documentation and receipts to the designated member of the Commandant of Cadets Office within 14 business days of the funds being dispersed. Failure to provide adequate documentation and receipts will result in the nullification of the cadet’s application.
  5. A list of all applicants, both approved and denied, will be maintained by the designated member of the Commandant of Cadets Office. The list will include cadet name, the accept/deny status and the amount awarded. Each applicant will be sent to Student Financial Services for further assistance if appropriate and to receive information about any financial awards and/or loans available to them.

*All requests received relating to the Cadet Emergency Fund will be kept confidential except as necessary in determining the need and/or alternative sources for funding.

Cadet Emergency Fund Application