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Scholarship Spotlight: Sea Term Scholarships

Sea Term is an important aspect of MMA’s “Learn-Do-Learn” philosophy.  For the first time not all freshman will be going on Sea Term in January 2016.  Sea Term will be for our licensed track students and the non-license students will participate in an experimental learning opportunity during their time at MMA to replace their Sea Term experience.  A large majority of 2/C cadets fulfill their Second Class Sea Term on commercial vessels of the US Merchant Marine.


Sea Term is January through February, between the two academic semesters. Cadets return to campus soon after the New Year holiday, and prepare the ship to sail, including loading provisions in the freezers and dry stores spaces. In the past ten years the cadets have visited Barbados, Curacao, Aruba, Spain, Italy, Tenerife, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, England, Madeira, Greece, Cayman Islands, Martinique and Tortola, not to mention US ports like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans and Charleston.  The voyage lasts 52 days on average, and during that time a cadet will rotate through class and laboratory training at sea, ships operations (including deck and engine watches), maintenance, and emergency drills. Port visits offer a time to explore new cultures and relax with friends, but still include watch responsibilities and ship's maintenance.

Sea Term is an additional financial burden that is not included in MMA’s tuition, and as a result is not covered by federal financial aid.  Sea Term scholarships that assist cadets with the $4,000 cost of Sea Term, are extremely beneficial for cadets who might otherwise be unable to afford the expense.  The Academy is very fortunate to have donors who sponsor Sea Term scholarships.  The following is a list of current MMA Sea Term Scholarships:

Admiral Willam J. Flanagan '64, H'96 Sea Term Scholarship
Class of 1963 Sea Term Scholarship
Alex B. Haas Sea Term Scholarship
Class of 1964 Sea Term Scholarship
Association of Ship Brokers & Agents Sea Term Scholarship
Lawrence A. & Maude E. Pande Sea Term Scholarship
Class of 1949 Sea Term Scholarship
MMA Alumni Association Sea Term Scholarship
Class of 1959 Sea Term Scholarship
MMAPA Adm Bresnahan Winter Term Scholarship Fund
Class of 1961 Sea Term Scholarship

For a glimpse into the Sea Term experience, follow the voyage online

If you are interested in sponsoring a Named Sea Term Scholarship, please contact Holly Knight, Vice President of Advancement, at (508)830-5029 or