Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study provides jobs to students who have financial need to help them pay for their out of pocket educational expenses. There are numerous on campus jobs that pay $12.75 per hour.  Community service work study jobs are available off campus, at a pay rate of up to $15 an hour. Students can earn up to their award amount over the academic year.  Most students will work, on average, 5-10 hours per week.  Work study students receive payment through direct deposit and can use this money for any out of pocket expenses that they may have.

Work Study is available throughout the academic year.  If a student is awarded work study, an email is sent to the student in the early August with step by step instructions.  In order to fill out the required paperwork, students need to bring their passport, bank account number, and routing number. If the student does not have a passport, a driver’s license plus an original social security card or birth certificate will also be acceptable. 

Federal Work Study is the only financial aid award that can not be applied directly to the student's bill at MMA.  Work study is meant to assist the student with any out of pocket expenses that the student may have during the academic year.  As such, the student will submit a timesheet each week for hours actually worked, and will receive payment (via direct deposit to the student's own bank account) every other week.  If a student does not secure a job, or does not actually work, the student does not receive any pay.

Under no circumstances should a student work during any scheduled class time, even if that class is released early or cancelled for any reason.  Students who submit work study timesheets with hours that conflict with their official class schedule as shown on college records, will not be paid for those hours.  The student may also lose the privilege to work on campus moving forward.  To ensure that students are not working during scheduled class and/or ship maintenance time, students are required to attached a copy of their class schedule to each timesheet prior to submitting it to the Payroll Office.  Any timesheet that shows a conflict will be returned to the supervisor for correction.

Federal Work Study Manual for Students

Federal Work Study Manual for Supervisors