General Education Requirements

Life Long Learning

You'll gain the skills in becoming a lifelong learner through a balanced variety of our courses. Courses in the areas of humanities, social science, mathematics, and science will provide you with the skills necessary to succeed in an increasingly complex world. 

The courses from the Social Science Department strive to increase your awareness of the richness of our civilization and society, prepare you to think critically about our world, and strengthen your skills in written and oral expression. 

social science Requirements


The required courses in the Humanities Department will build your skills in reading, writing, critical thinking, and communication; aesthetic and cultural awareness; and humanistic inquiry.

Humanities Requirements

The required courses from the Science and Mathematics Department will enhance your ability to think quantitatively, critically, and logically, and illustrate the manner in which problems of a quantitative nature are solved through the use of algorithms and logical thought.

Science and Math requirements