Dual Degree and 4+1 Programs

BS in Facilities Engineering


Dual Degree

Students with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 may enroll in a dual-degree program with the permission of the department chairperson of each program. Interested students may pursue dual-degree combinations by presenting their proposals for approval by the chairperson of each department.

In order to officially declare a dual-major before the end of the third semester, a student must have completed either Calculus I or Applied Calculus.



The 4+1 program is aimed at the eligible, high-achieving cadet who is prepared to launch his or her graduate education in the senior year of undergraduate studies. Motivated students from any of the seven Massachusetts Maritime Academy undergraduate degree programs can apply to any of the three Maritime graduate degree programs in the spring semester of the junior year. Accepted students would begin taking master’s-level classes in the fall semester of the senior year alongside their graduate classmates, a student body comprising working professionals.

4+1 students complete five of their master’s classes during their senior year. Optimally, these students will have found a job upon graduating from their undergraduate program and will complete the remaining master’s-level courses during their first year of employment. Such employment is not required but is strongly encouraged.

The first two semesters (5 courses) of the 4+1 program will be offered at a highly discounted rate to accepted undergraduate students. In addition, with department chair approval an accepted student may use two of the five graduate classes taken in the first two semesters to fulfill undergraduate electives, assisting students with time management while dual-enrolled.

Note: Students cannot reside on campus following graduation from an undergraduate degree program.


4+1 Degree Programs

Each of the three Master’s Degrees offers a specialized management curriculum.

Emergency Management 
The graduate program in Emergency Management comprises 31 credits. Its mission is to provide graduates with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to implement both proactive and reactive strategies to reduce the cost of a disaster in life and property and thus to be successful emergency managers and leaders in both the public and private sectors.

Facilities Management
The graduate program in Facilities Management comprises 31 credits. Its mission is to challenge students to think and act on a broader and higher plane. These skills should directly help them to succeed in their personal and professional careers.

Maritime Business Management
The graduate program in Maritime Business Management comprises 31 credits. Its mission is to produce highly skilled maritime business managers by providing students with the knowledge and tools necessary to become creative problem solvers, leading to success in senior maritime business management and leadership positions.


4 + 1 Admissions Criteria

Students interested in the 4+1 program must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and submit the following to apply:

  1. a complete online application;
  2. two recommendations;
  3. a written statement of professional objectives that includes both long- and short-term professional goals and indicates how the graduate pro-gram will help the student achieve these goals;
  4. a current résumé.