Register for Continuing Education Courses

To Register for Continuing Education courses:

  1. Go to our Webadvisor Portal for Continuing Education
  2. Click on "Register & Pay for Continuing Education Classes" on the right side of the page. 
  3. Search for the course you're interested in taking.
  4. Then click Submit at the bottom of the page. 
  5. Fill out the page of personal information.
  6. Fill out the page of additional registration information.
  7. On the Pay for Classes page, choose "Register Now" from the drop down menu. Then choose your payment type and hit submit to pay a payment. 

Register Now  

Massachusetts Maritime Academy is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities.  It is the students responsibility to contact Mrs. Fran Tishkevich, Director of Disability Compliance (508-830-5000 extension 2208) if they need accommodations in their classes.