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Other Courses

Professional Maritime Training


Below are courses that we offer that are not currently open for registration: 


Radar Observer Recertification 

Students completing our USCG approved 1 Day Radar Observer Recertification course will satisfy the requirements of 46 CFR 10.480(d) for renewal of any Radar Observer endorsement. Students attending this course must bring the following items with them on the day of the course: 

  • A government issued photo ID such as a driver's license, TWIC or MMC.
  • Proof of current Radar Observer endorsement as found on MMC, License or course completion certificate
  • Plotting tools such as Triangles and Dividers

Students are strongly encouraged to review and practice our sample problems.

  • Cost: $325


Introduction to Welding I 

An exciting two-day class designed for first time welders, or those who wish to reinforce basic skills.  Subjects covered will include: oxy-acetylene welding, brazing and cutting, and shielded metal arc welding (stick).  S.M.A.W. instruction will feature welding of mild steel plate, in a variety of positions, using the E6010 Electrode. Class will also cover gases, pressures, machine set up, visual inspection techniques, and electrode selection.  Emphasis will be upon safe welding procedures and practices.  All welding equipment will be supplied.  Students should wear cotton clothing, work boots, and bring a welding or baseball cap.

  • Cost: $375


Introduction to Welding II 

Prerequisite:  Introduction to Welding I, prior experience or completion of Machine Tool Tech (EN-2112).

 A two-day continuation of techniques acquired from the Welding I course.  Students will practice all position welding of mild steel plate using the Low Hydrogen Electrode E7018.  The gas metal arc welding process (MIG) will also be covered with gas and wire selection explained as well as proper machine set up.  In addition, class will include an
introduction to the gas tungsten arc welding process (TIG). Participants will have the opportunity to apply the GTAW process to the joining of light aluminum plate.  All welding equipment will be supplied.  Students should wear cotton clothing, work boots, and bring a
welding or baseball cap.

  • Cost: $400


Structural All-Position Plate Certification Lab

This course is designed specifically for American Welding Society Structural Welding Certification preparation, for those individuals seeking job opportunities requiring proof of skills upon interview.  Welding skills in “out of position” shielded metal arc using the E7018 Low Hydrogen Welding Electrode will be sharpened.  Certification spec. coupons will be welded together in both vertical and overhead weld positions.  After completion students will cut samples from their plates and perform a “bend test”.  Plates that fall short of this criteria will fail in the form of a visual fracture within the specimen.  Individuals will have many opportunities to improve their skills.  Those exhibiting the ability to weld to AWS D1.1 specifications will receive stamped verification by our Certified Welding Inspector as to their competence.  All welding equipment will be supplied.  Students should wear cotton clothing, work boots, and bring a welding, or baseball cap.  Four days, two weekends.  
(Four days, two weekends) Limited to 8 participants.

  • Cost: $595


TIG Welding Course

The course objectives are to learn to TIG weld aluminum plates in various positions, learn about shielding gas, learn how to choose which tungsten electrodes, and learn how to properly grind a tungsten electrodes. Students must come to class wearing a boiler suit, steel-toed work boots, and safety glasses. 

  • Cost: $495


Stationary License

This 30 hour course is approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety (DPS) and satisfies continuing education requirements for any person holding a Massachusetts DPS license to operate boilers and/or turbines. All  licenses from 2nd class fireman  through 1st class engineer are required to complete 30 hours of continuing education every five years.

  • Cost: $500


Shellfish Constable

This 80 hour training program will include the basics of shellfish biology, environmental parameters and shellfish management as well as various topics in law enforcement, CPR training and will include an exam and certificate of completion for successful enrollees. The course will be an 80 hour curriculum during the two week period and may be extended in the event of inclement weather should the campus be closed.

  • Cost: $475