4 + 1 Accelerated Program

 The 4+1 program is aimed at the eligible, high-achieving cadet who is prepared to launch their graduate education in their senior year of undergraduate studies.

The schedule for each program is noted under each program's web page.

4+1 Cost Benefit Details:

  • The 4+1 discount applies to first two graduate semesters (Please Note: Graduate semesters are different than undergraduate semesters)
  • The cost of the first year of your graduate classes can not be taken into consideration when determining your aid eligibility for your senior year
  • If you have excess undergraduate financial aid in your senior year
    • And you have submitted a Title IV Authorization Form (found on FA Self Service Portal) giving us permission to use your financial aid for non-mandatory charges
    • We will apply the excess aid toward the graduate costs
    • Otherwise, you must pay out of pocket for the graduate classes
  • Full course price begins in the summer
    • The only financial aid that is available during the summer are private, credit-based loans
  • You may file a FAFSA to borrow through the Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan Program to assist with your fall and winter graduate costs during year 2 of the program.
    • You may not use this aid retro-actively to pay for any graduate classes taken prior the fall of year 2

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