Fall 2020 Tutoring, Remote/In Person, & Academic Advising

Peer tutors will be tutoring in person on the following schedule:
  • Algebra/Trigonometry:  Monday in ABSIC 317, 12:30-3:30 pm;
                                         Monday and Wednesday in HA 105, 7-10 pm;                       
                                         Tuesday in HA 108, 7-10 pm;
                                         Thursday in HA 107, 7-8:30 pm
  • Chemistry I: Tuesday in HA 103, 7-10 pm; Wednesday, 2:30-4 pm in ABSIC 317; Thursday in HA 103, 7-10 pm
  • ​Applied Calculus:  Wednesday, 1-2:30 pm in ABSIC 317; Thursday in HA 106, 7-10 pm
  • Calculus I:  Wednesday in HA 107, 7-9 pm
  • Calculus II:  Thursday in HA 107, 8:30-10 pm
  • Engine Physics I:  Tuesday in HA 105, 7-8:30 pm
  • Engine Physics II:  Tuesday in HA 105, 8:30-10 pm

Please Note:  Since safety guidelines must be followed in these classrooms, students MUST wear masks and follow all safety protocols, including social distancing.  In  addition, sessions will be held for 30 minutes each, and the class will be cleared each 30 minutes to allow for another group of students to be tutored.  So sessions will run from 7:00-7:30, 7:30-8:00, and so on.

Evening Virtual Peer Tutoring  (Mon-Thurs, 7-10 pm)

  • Learning Res. Center:  Zoom meet
  • Writing Resource Center:  Zoom meet       (additional writing tutoring by appointment at bottom of page)

Other Virtual and In-Person Tutoring By Subject

Algebra & Trigonometry, Applied Calculus, Calculus I & II

Instructions:  For mathematics tutoring, the professor's name is the link you wish to join.

Business (Accounting, Transportation Ops. Mgmt, Principles of Marketing, Business of Shipping, Int'l Business and Ocean Shipping)​
Instructions:  For chemistry tutoring, click on the professor's name next to the tutoring time.
College Physics I & II, Engineering Physics
Instructions:  For physics tutoring click on the professor's name next to the tutoring time.
Deep Sea Navigation
Instructions:  Email Instructor Lisa Burke to access this tutoring session.
Monday:  1800-2100 

Deck subjects below are in person and remote

In-person:  Professor Patrick Cunningham (Bresnahan Electric Navigation Lab/BR213)
  • Wednesday:  1800-2100  
In-person:  Professor Kurt DeCicco (GMDSS Lab/Harrington 304)
  • Tuesday:  1800-2100
In-person:  Instructor Eugene Morrow (INL Lab/HA-306)
  • Tuesday:  1800-2100
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Instructions:  Email Instructor Jonathan Cornet to access this tutoring session.
  • Tuesday:  1600-1900
Human Health & Risk
Instructions:  Email Instructor Jonathan Cornet to access this tutoring session.
  • Tuesday:  1600-1900 
Instructions:  To schedule an appointment, email M. Kane and request a time during hours scheduled.

Monday through Thursday 1230-1430 (M. Kane)

Peer Writing Tutoring (Day Hours, Virtual:  Just click on the time to make an appointment.)

Monday:  1130-1400
Tuesday: 0900-1000, 0900-12001000-1200
Wednesday:  1030-13301400-1600
Thursday:  0900-1000, 0900-12001000-1200; 1400-1600

Instructions:  Students should email each adviser regarding how to access this resource.
For questions and inquiries, please email Academic Resources