Student Responsibilities

Students registered with the Disability Compliance Office (DCO) who require academic accommodations must request their green forms (form 105) from the Director within the first two weeks of each semester. The form is presented to the professor who agrees to the accommodation, signs the form, and returns it to the student. The professor may make a copy if (s)he wishes, but the signed original is returned to the DCO. The original remains in the DCO files. Accommodations for Sea Term will already be in place and forms will not be needed.

Accommodations cannot and will not be provided until your professors have signed the green form. Accommodations are not retro-active. You cannot go back and re-do a test taken BEFORE your professor signed your green form.

By law, the Director may not disclose the nature of a student’s disability. However, to enhance the learning environment, and to cultivate a supportive professor/student relationship, it is strongly encouraged that students meet with their professors to discuss their learning style and to see how the professor may help to accommodate their learning difference.

When an exam is scheduled, students must notify the professor of their special exam accommodations so that the professor can make timely arrangements.

  • For a scheduled quiz, notify the professor three (3) days before the quiz
  • For a scheduled exam/mid-term, notify the professor seven (7) days before the exam
  • For a final exam, notify the professor a week to ten days (7 – 10 days) before the exam

Massachusetts Maritime Academy is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. However, if a requested accommodation fundamentally alters the nature of a particular class or program, the professor does not have to agree to the accommodation. The student with disabilities must “meet essential standards required for participation in order to remain qualified, regardless of whether the failure to meet the requirements is due to disability.”  A dialogue between student, professor, and the Disability Compliance Director can ensure a reasonable accommodation alternative in the event of a denial.