Student FAQ

Student Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I heard I can take my classes Pass/Fail. What is the Pass/Fail Policy for Spring Semester 2020?

A:  In response to the transition to Distance Learning the Admiral has approved an addedum to the Pass/Faill Policy for Spring of 2020. You will need to submit a digital Pass/Fail Request. Please see the Pass/Fall FAQ page to answer questions about this policy.

Digital Pass/Fail Request

Q: What is the withdraw deadline and how can I do this wtihout being on campus?  

A:  The deadline to withdraw from classes for Spring 2020 is May 12, 2020. To withdrawal from a course you will need to get sign off from your professor and your advisor. Please use this online withdrawal form requst a course withdrawal.   Feel free to get in the virtual line a with any questions about how withdrawing will effect your degree completion.

Course Withdrawal Form Virtual Registrar Ticket

I understand that I am allowed to withdraw from only one course a semester. I may not withdraw from any class previously failed or withdrawn from. I may not withdraw from Algebra & Trigonometry. I may not withdraw from Calculus II unless I have already completed Engineering Physics I

Q:  How can I request a credit overload?

A:  Please request an overload through the Virtual Registrar.   

Virtual Registrar Ticket

Q: How can I request a Pre- Requisite waiver?

A: Please request a Pre-REquisite waiver using our online form. We will send the request to the appropriate department chair.

Pre-Requisite Waiver

Q:  What do I do if I don't see a class I am registered for in my Blackboard?

A:  Create an IT Helpdesk ticket and they will work with us to resolve your registration issues. IT HelpDesk

Q:  Can I order my Official Transcript while the office is working remotely?

A:  Yes, Official transcripts can be ordered from our processing partner the National Student Clearinghouse.  Official electronic transcripts will be processed within 1-2 business days. Printed transcripts will be processed and mailed on Mondays.  

Order Transcripts 

Q:  How can I get proof of enrollment?

A:  If you need a certificate that states you are currently enrolled you can order electronic delivery of an enrollment certificate you can use the National Student Clearinghouse. If you need a letter or form filled out for proof of enrollment please use our Virtual Registrar's Office.  We can accept any document as an attachment to the email and scan it back or mail it on to its destination.

NSC Enrollement Verification Virtual Registrar Ticket

Q: How can I change my Major or add a Minor?

A: Please use our Online Change of Major Request and the appropriate Department Chairs or corrdinators will be notified of your request.

Change of Major Request Minor

Q:How can I get help selecting my classes or maping out a Degree Plan? 

A:Please get in our virtual line and one of our Academic Advisors will set up an appointment to answer all of your questions.  

Virtual Registrar Ticket