Orientation 23

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2023 Sam Jordan

Hello everyone! I'm 3/C Sam Jordan, and am thrilled to be this year's Orientation Blogger! I'm from Northampton MA, and am a proud member of the 7th Company Honor Guard. I'm studying Marine Transportation.






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Watch the Cadre and Cadet Candidates take on and conquer the challenges they will face during this year’s Orientation Program.  We will be updating this blog nightly with action photos and information provided by the respective staff members on the progress of the Cadet Candidates.



Orientation Graduation

8/30 Orientation Graduation

Good Evening All,

Here it is! We've finally made it to Orientation Graduation, after 10 long, grueling days of hard work put in by our Cadet Candidates and Cadre.

Tonights marching competition

8/29 Orientation Day 9

Good Evening All,

Today was our last full day of Orientation. The Cadet Candidates have all learned and improved themselves so much over the past 9 days, and are looking forward to fully becoming members of our Regiment after Graduation tomorrow.


Morning PT test

8/28 Orientation Day 8

Good Evening All,

We're in the final stretch of Orientation! With only 2 days to go, it's incredible to look at the progress these amazing Cadet Candidates and Cadre have made throughout the week.


Here are your updates from our Company Commanders:


C/C's listen in on a meeting out uniforms standards

8/27 Orientation Day 7

Good Evening All,

Having a blast at our football scrimmage!

8/26 Orientation Day 6

Good Evening All,

Another great day of Orientation for the books! Despite some not-so great weather, the Cadet Candidates continue to have high spirits, training to be their best before graduation, and improving every day.

Here are your updates from your Company Commanders:

The regimental staff sit down for lunch

8/25 Orientation Day 5

Good Evening All,

A heated match of water polo!

8/24 Orientation Day 4

Good Evening All!

1st BN Staff watch the sunrise

8/23 Orientation Day 3

Day 3 was another great day for the Cadet Candidates here at MMA! In only one week, they'll be marching across the football field for Orientation Graduation. The Cadet Candidates have already shown great improvement and everyday they work to be better than the day before. One more week!

3rd Co at intramurals!

8/22 Orientation Day 2

Good Evening Everyone! We had another great day of Orientation today here at Mass Maritime. From here on out, you'll be able to read daily Company updates directly from our incredible Company Commanders. Yesterdays blog post has been updated with their introductions.

7th Co Meet the Cadre

8/21 Orientation Day 1

And we're off, to the first full day of Orientation! The cadet candidates were woken up today by their Cadre ordering them up and knocking on their doors, and then filed out to the hallway to start chanting "we're waiting for you" while waiting for the rest of the platoon to be up and ready.

C/C's standing at attention

8/20 Orientation Day 0

Welcome to the first day of Orientation! Or as we call it here, "Day 0"- the real show starts tomorrow!

Cadre Oath

8/18 Pre-O Day 6

Our final day of Pre-O, and what a day it was! The Cadre started off the morning with a 2 mile run in the fog in prepartion for the "Cadre Swim".

1/C Copeland motivating the regiment during PT

8/17 Pre-O Day 5

8/17 Pre-Orientation Day 5

Our last full day here at Pre-Orientation, and what a day it's been! The Cadre had another great day of PT this morning, pushing themselves even harder to be better than they were the day before.

2nd Co Cadre

8/16 Pre-O Day 4

Today, the Cadre had another great day of leadership training at Pre-O. We started the morning with another great PT session, and got ready for todays meetings.

The Cadre giving their all during a rainy morning PT

8/15 Pre-O Day 3

Not even rain can stop the Cadre here at Pre-Orientation ! We woke up this morning bright and early for PT, and proceeded to get absolutely drenched by the weather. The Battalions split up and completed the PT circuit or went on a cadence run.

First Battalion doing their timed mile run

8/14 Pre-O Day 2

Pre-Orientation: Day 2

The Cadre started this morning bright and early for their first PT test. They were out on the football field and warming up before the sunrise!

The Cadre practice their marching on the Parade Field

8/13 Pre-O Day 1

Pre-Orientation: Day 1

Today, the Cadre and Senior Staff arrived on campus for the first day of Pre-Orientation! Over the next five days, these cadets will train to prepare for the 410 Cadet Candidates that will be placed in their care when they arrive on Sunday.