Orientation - What to Bring

The following list contains the items you are to bring to Orientation:

Athletic Shoes
All Cadet Candidates will arrive on Saturday, 15 August wearing a pair of sneakers. Sneakers should be all or mostly white and reasonably broken in. Do not bring new sneakers that have not been broken in. Your sneakers will be worn a lot from day one.

Freshmen will be allowed to have a car on campus during Orientation only.  

Bathing Suits 
Male cadets must bring plain mostly navy blue or black swim trunks. Females must bring a one-piece mostly navy blue or black bathing suit.

Six (6) AA and six (6) AAA cell batteries.

One dark, solid colored blanket is required. Sheets and pillow cases will be provided in your sea bag. Bring one standard sized pillow.   

Combination Lock 
One combination lock (memorize the combination before arriving).


If you have an extra pair of glasses please feel free to bring them. If contact lenses are worn, bring a spare set and/or pair of glasses (transition lenses are acceptable).

Small fans are allowed; Do not bring window size fans.


Grooming Standards (female) 
Hair must be a natural color and will not be worn below the shirt collar in length or excessively bulky on the sides. Hair shall not interfere with the proper military covers (hats).  Ensure you bring the required items to hold your hair back/up and keep it in place. Barrettes and clips must be of similar color to your hair. Bobby pins are highly recommended.

Grooming Standards (male)
Report with a clean cut #1 setting on hair clippers all the way around. Facial hair and sideburns are prohibited.

No jewelry of any type will be worn, including nose/body piercings.  This includes watches, although they are permitted and recommended after Orientation only.

Ironing Board/Iron
 A regular size ironing board and iron is required.

Mail is not allowed for Cadet Candidates during Orientation, but is acceptable afterwards.  If something of urgent nature needs to be sent (i.e., glasses, contact lenses, meds, etc.) contact LCDR Ed Pinero at (508) 830-5000 x1415, epinero@maritime.edu or LT Rory Deegan at (508) 830-5000 x1004, rdeegan@maritime.edu.

Cadet Candidates do not need to bring any money for Orientation.  In the instance when a Cadet Candidate might need money to pay for emergency prescriptions or hospital/doctor visits during Orientation, money will be provided to the Cadet Candidate and then subsequently billed.  

Over the counter medicines are allowed. This includes allergy medicine, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, decongestants, fiber capsules (or other constipation meds), cortisone cream, bismuth, antibiotic ointments, band aids, etc.

Prescription medications
Be sure that you have a current, valid prescription for medicines (keep meds in the original prescription bottle). This is particularly important for ADD/ADHD medicines or any controlled substances that show up during a drug test. Bring a small lock box for medicine.  You will retain your own meds. Epi-pens (2 minimum) if prescribed for allergic reactions. You will be expected to carry one of your Epi-pens in your fanny pack with you during Orientation.

Robe (Optional)
If using a robe, colors should be navy blue or white. This will only be used to go to/from the shower.

If you do not have a passport, apply for it now. License track majors will be required to participate in the annual Sea Term which always includes foreign ports for which passports are mandatory.  Passports may or may not be required for Experiential Learning opportunities for non-license majors.  You DO NOT need to bring your passport to Orientation, however, do bring 2 color copies to add to your student file.  

Personal Laptops

Though mandatory during the academic year, laptops will not be permitted for Orientation.  If you are traveling a great distance and/or this is your only opportunity to bring this equipment, then you may bring it to Orientation but it will be secured for the 2-week period. When you arrive on campus, ask your Squad Leader to assist you with “Orientation Storage.” Information regarding specifications needed can be found on the website under Student Services > Technology Services > Laptop Specs. 

Physicals/Medical Clearance
This is extremely important.  All Cadet Candidates will need to complete the Academy Medical packet found on the Class of 2024 webpage. Open the button responding to your major, print the packet and carefully follow the instructions to submit required paperwork, vaccination compliance, and on-line components.  No cadet will be allowed to start orientation until cleared through MMA Medical Staff with all paperwork completed. Medical difficulties that may arise after your information is submitted should be brought to the attention of Medical Staff (nurse@maritime.edu or (508) 830-5048)  Full disclosure of your medical history or current medical condition is expected with our medical staff.  Failure to do so may result in dismissal from Orientation.

Shoe/Metal Polish

Leather shoes are polished to regimental standards. Cadet Candidates will report with a tin of black shoe polish, a rag (old cotton t-shirt), and a shoe brush.  In addition, a can of Brasso is required to shine your belt buckle. 

Shower Shoes
Flip-flop style or waterproof sandals are required.

Bring at least twelve (12) pairs of white “over-the-ankle” athletic socks. Socks will not be washed during Orientation, so please bring extra pairs. Also bring 6 pairs of black dress socks without logos.

Sunscreen is available throughout the campus during orientation.  Bring sunscreen with you if you need a special brand.

1 pocket notebook, 1 black sharpie, 1 silver sharpie, 1 pack of 3x5 lined index cards, and 3 black ink pens 

All Cadet Candidates are required to bring a solid gray or navy crewneck sweatshirt (no logos other than MMA).  Hoodies are not acceptable.   

Tobacco Products
The entire MMA campus is 100% smoke and tobacco free.  All tobacco products (i.e. cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, dip, e-cigarettes, etc.) are strictly prohibited.  

Bring your own personal toiletries. Hair dryers, clippers and electric razors are not authorized during Orientation.

Bring six (6) white bath towels.


Cadet Candidates must bring, at a minimum, a two week supply of white undergarments.  It is not uncommon to use two pairs of underwear per day.  Undershirts for male and female should be white crew necks (round neck).  Underwear, white t-shirts and socks will NOT be washed during Orientation.  Issued PT gear (blue shorts, blue shirts, gold shirts) will be sent to the laundromat multiple times during Orientation. 

*Try to stay away from 100% cotton items that retain moisture.  Underwear fabrics that wick moisture are highly recommended to avoid rashes and chaffing. Wicking compression shorts are allowed as long as they are shorter than PT gear shorts so as not to be visible. These do not need to be white.

Other suggested Items
Lint brush, talcum/foot powder to prevent athlete’s foot/blisters, anti-chafing lubricant, extra pens, pencils and notebook.

What You Can Do to Prepare For a Successful Orientation
  • Fitness: Train by running daily and doing push-ups and sit-ups.  Open the button in Section 11, Attend Orientation labelled “Summer Fitness” for a more detailed suggested training program.
  • Sleep: Adjust your sleep pattern. Get up early each day and go to bed earlier each night.
  • Blister Avoidance: Break in your running shoes. Do not come to Orientation with new shoes!
  • Drug Free: Remember that the Academy drug-free policy is in effect all year long, including day 1.
  • Learning Youngie Knowledge: Study the Youngie Knowledge now! It is difficult to retain information when you are fatigued. The Youngie Knowledge is available at the bottom on the Class of 2024 webpage.


Printable - What to Bring