Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC)

The MMC contains identification information and specifies the postions onboard a vessel that an individual is qualfied to sail in.  MMA cadets will apply for a Cadet Deck/Engine rating, enabling them to receive a discharge/letter of sea service as "Cadet" or "Cadet Observer" when sailing on qualifying vessels.  Cadets will also apply for the entry-level ratings of Ordinary Seaman (OS), Wiper, and Steward's Department (SD).  These ratings do not require sea time, prior experience, or a test or exam.  All 4C Marine Engine and Marine Transportation students are required to apply for their TWIC, complete VPDSD Training and apply for their cadet Merchant Mariner Credential in their freshman year to be in compliance with MARAD'S Cadet Credential Policy (Maritime Administration).

To be eligible to apply for an MMC, a cadet:
1. Must be a US citizen or an alien lawfully admitted to the US for permanent residence.
2. Must have a Transportation Security Administration Credential (TWIC).   
3. Must be free of all legal issues.
4. Must be able to meet the medical criteria for licensure.

In order to obtain a cadet MMC, cadets must complete the VPDSD course, Vessel Security for Persons with Designated Security Duties.  Cadets are required register for the scheduled date(s) in Self Service and complete the full training to receive a certificate of completion.  This is required for the MMC, commercial shipping and graduation.

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Cadet MMC Application Forms and Personal Documents Required

First-time applicants will need to set aside one full business day in order to compile the necessary application package.  A full application package includes the following items:

1. The MMC application form, CG 719-B form.    Download the application, save to your desktop, fill in, print out, SIGN your NAME, and date the form.Follow the Instructions: Cadet MMC Application to complete your application.  

2. A single copy of any previously held MMC document, if applicable. (ex., launch tender license or a master or mate license at the 25-, 50-, or 100-ton level) 

3. The signed CG 719-C form   , only if this applies to you.  Only if "YES" is in Section III of CG-719B Form has been checked off for reporting drug use or convictions.

3. A single copy of your TWIC (both sides of the card itself) OR a single copy of the receipt.  The receipt is only if you have not received your TWIC yet.

4. A single copy of your U.S. Passport, put the copier on lightest.

5. A single copy of your receipt for the $140.00 payment.  All fees are paid on-line to the US Coast Guard.  Follow the Instructions provided for Cadet MMC. Your applicaton will not be submitted without the payment.
6. The completed CG 719-K physical formdownload and print out. You may have your own doctor complete your physical form or make an appointment with our health services.  Our Health Services team will send out information to you on appointment times to sign up for in the fall and spring.  If MMA Health Services completes your physical, they will forward a copy to the Mariner Credentialing office.  If you go to your own doctor, you must provide our office with the original, completed form. This 719K-CG form is required - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Put your application & personal documents in the following order:

1.   The completed CG-719B Form - the Merchant Mariner Credential Application.
2.  Copy of your current MMC, if you have one.
3. Copy of your TWIC.  If you did not pick up your TWIC, you can include a copy of the receipt.Copy of your TWIC. 
4. Copy of your Passport.
5. Copy of your receipt for the amoun of $140.00.
6. Your CG-719K Physical form, if you had your own doctor complete your physical.  

PDF of Cadet MMC Application Checklist 

Previous License Holders Enrolled at MMA
If you have a lower level license, (LLL) such as a launch tender license or a master or mate license at the 25-, 50-, or 100-ton level, than click on the link below to apply for your Cadet Deck/Engine ratings.  Students with a current license are required to complete the CG-719B form, apply for Cadet Deck/Engine, ELR, BT, VPDSD enrolled in 310 program ratings, and follow the same application process.  No exceptions.  

Instructions have been provided to assist you in filling in the application form correctly.   Type in all the answers you can, print out the form, single-sided, SIGN your application and date the form.  Once you completed the CG719B form, copied your personal documents, made your payment for your Cadet Merchant Mariner Credential, put the items in order together with a paperclip or file folder, do not staple.

PDF of Cadet MMC Application Instructions 

Members of the public can access information on the MMC process from the U.S. Coast Guard National Maritime Center.

U.S. Coast Guard National Maritime Center Website