Licensing Process

Dear Cadets:

You should drive your own professional license process. Part of the MMA value proposition for future employers is that our students are organized, self-motivated and ready for employment. Rise to that expectation; treat your professional licensing process at the Academy as practice for the working world. The licensing process at MMA is a preview of what you can expect after graduation. You, the student, are responsible for managing and completing the license process. Industry employers will expect you to handle your own certifications, upgrades, and currency after you obtain your license.

Students in the Marine Engineering (MENG) and Marine Transportation (MTRA) programs at Massachusetts Maritime Academy must complete a highly regulated, professional process that runs alongside the academic curriculum. This professional license process, overseen by the Mariner Credentialing office, culminates in the U.S. Coast Guard awarding a license (Third Assistant Engineer or Third Mate). The professional process leading to a license and the academic process leading to a degree are interdependent and inseparable; a student must earn the license to get the degree and vice versa.

The professional licensing process is quite manageable for most students. Respond to your MMA email, follow instructions, and report to your scheduled obligations and the licensing process is easy to complete relative to your other college requirements. The students with the most stress and anxiety about the licensing process are those who don’t follow that advice, fail to get organized, and don’t plan ahead.

Specific forms and instructions are available below to assist you through the licensing process:

For Freshmen and cadets applying for their Cadet Merchant Mariner Credential, follow this link Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) to begin the process.  Or click on the button below, for the
CG-719B form only.  The Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) webpage has full instructions.
Cadet Merchant Mariner Document     

For graduating Senior Deck Licensing students follow this link to begin the first step of the process by completing the personal information form, Kickoff Questionnaire: License and to complete the license application process. The PDF is for the Deck application only 3M/OICNW

For graduating Senior Marine Engineering students follow this link begin the first step of the process by completinng the personal information form, Kickoff Questionnaire: License and to complete the license application process.  The PDF is for the Engineering application only, 3AE/OICEW

 Note 1: The application for the Cadet MMC and the application for the license are held to hard-and-fast deadlines. The Cadet MMC application must be completed by Fall of the 4/c year (for commercial shipping in Winter of the 2/c year). The license application must be completed by September of the 1/c year (for issuance and graduation the following June). Plan ahead to get the applications completed on time. These application packages require significant advance work by the student – and even more work if there are exceptional circumstances like medical conditions or criminal convictions.

Note 2: The timelines and due dates above apply to the four-year progression of courses described in the college catalog. Transfer students and spring admits are responsible for managing your own deadlines and scheduling tasks – consult the Mariner Credentialing office with any questions on the professional license process outside the four-year progression.

Previous License Holders Enrolled at MMA: Students with current licenses can use this document (linked below) to guide you in filling out your application for your Cadet MMC or your Third Engineer or Third Mate license. This applies to you if you hold a lower-level license such as a launchtender license or a master or mate license at the 25-, 50-, or 100-ton level.

Cadet MMC Application Instructions

Instructions Third Mate/Third AE License App