Intramural Sports

The purpose of Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s (MMA) Intramural program is to support the recreational and fitness needs of the Academy’s students and support the educational goal of Massachusetts Maritime Academy. The goal is to provide a positive environment which fosters teamwork, health and competition among our cadets.  Intramural sports also assist those individuals with exploring and learning about recreation and fitness activities in order to enhance a better quality of life today and after entering the working world. 

Intramural Coordinator:                 LCDR Ed Pinero

Regimental Intramural Officer:     1/C Malick Carpenter

Intramural Referees:                      1/C Brian Gill

                                                         3/C Devin Ganno

                                                         3/C Yazan Aldakhlallah

The Regimental Intramural Officer (RIMO) and his/her Company IMO’s play an essential role in the success of the Intramural Program. The Regimental Intramural Officer serves as the highest-ranking cadet within the Regiment to be involved with the planning, coordinating and execution of all competitive sporting events offered by the Intramural Program.  Each IMO serves as the official liaison between the companies and the Intramural Program staff.  It is the company IMO’s responsibility to see that all team members are fully informed concerning matters relating to his/her company’s team.

In an effort to encourage participation and strong competition among companies, the Intramural Program has devised a participation point system for the Academic Year events that are applied toward winning the Intramural Program Commandant’s Cup.

Commandants Cup