How to Get a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

  1. Refer to the information located on the Transportation Security Administration page on getting a TWIC.
  2. Select the Apply Online button to complete the online application. You must complete steps 1 - 10 by filling in the required fields. 
  3. Next make your online appointment by selecting Schedule an Appointment.  Complete the required fields to locate the nearest TWIC center. 
  4. Gather your IDs. Use your valid US Passport (it is proof of citizenship). DO NOT use your MMC or your MMA ID.
  5. Bring your payment of $125.25. TSA accepts credit card, (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover).  If payment is with a certified/cashier's bank check, or money order, they must be made payable to IDEMIA.  Personal checks are NOT accepted.
  6. Attend your appointment. You can try “walking in,” but remember, anyone with an appointment will take precedence.
  7. Make your payment and submit your application. Answer “YES” to questions 1 & 2, make sure that your occupation is listed as “MARINER.”
  8. Check the TSA website from time to time to see if your card is ready for pick-up. Turn-around time is averaging 2-3 weeks.
  9. After having received your card, call 1- 855 - 347 -8371- the TSA/Universal Enrollment call center.  You will listen to the voice prompter, select "2" for TWIC, follow the instructions to verify your occupation is listed as “MARINER.” The person you talk to will give you a confirmation number. Write that number & the date you called on the photocopy of your TWIC card to be submitted with your MMC application.  
  10. Am I eligible to get a TWIC?
  • Any US citizen may apply for a TWIC.
  • Any resident alien may apply for a TWIC.
  • Please note that any foreign student on an F-1 visa should see the STCW Officer for a special procedure before applying for TWIC.

I have my TWIC.  What’s next?

  • When you receive your card, make (2) clear copies of the card to give to your Company Officer and make another copy to submit with your cadet MMC application packet. 
  • You will need your TWIC for access to the ship.  

What should I do if I’m denied a TWIC?

  • First, you need to notify the STCW Officer in writing of the reason that you were denied.
  • If you were denied on eligibility criteria, there may be no recourse.
  • If you were denied for a different reason, please make an appointment to see the STCW Officer and discuss the appeal process.