WRC Hours

Fall & Spring Semester
Monday - Thursday 0900 - 1600, 1900 - 2200

LRC Hours

Fall & Spring Semester
Monday-Thursday 1900 - 2200

AAC Hours

(Advising Office ABS 311)
Fall & Spring Semesters

Monday - Thursday: 0800 - 1600
Friday : 0800-1200

Academic Resource Center

Our Mission

The mission of the Academic Resource Center is to improve student success by providing academic resources and support services to the campus community, addressing individual and institutional needs through collaborative, student-centered programming designed to foster academic and personal achievement.

The Academic Resource Center is committed to your success. At no cost to students, we provide critical resources to assist and guide you as you make progress in your academic program and as you prepare to enter the workforce.

For information on working as an ARC tutor, click here: Working at the ARC.

Our Programs

Located on the third floor of the American Bureau of Shipping Information Commons, the Academic Resource Center operates three academic support units that provide tutoring and other forms of academic assistance to students throughout the academic year. Students are strongly encouraged to utilize the services and resources available.

The Writing Resource Center (WRC) provides assistance and feedback for all types of written and verbal communication you will encounter during your degree program. Utilize WRC resources when you need to work on writing or communication skills and need a trained reader or observer to critique your work.

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides assistance with courses in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, marine transportation, business, and other disciplines. Utilize LRC resources when you need a trained tutor to help you learn or reinforce skills for a specific course.

The Assessment and Advising Center (AAC) provides testing, college skills, and advising services to assist students as they make progress toward a degree. Utilize AAC resources for testing and advising. Two advisors are on staff during daytime hours to assist you with degree checks and general advising questions. These advisors provide supplement advising, and their services do not substitute for required consultations with your assigned faculty advisor.


Third Floor, ABS Information Commons