Cooperative Education

MMA offers “co-op” for all shore-side majors. Programs integrate classroom study with planned and supervised work experiences during the winter and summer sessions. Upon successful completion, students receive six credits.

Co-op Eligibility

In order to participate in the co-op program, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum grade point average of 2.0.
  • Register and pay for the 6-credit co-op course.
  • Less than 100 demerits in the previous 12 month period.
  • Meet your major's specific requirements

How to Get Started

  1. All Students must download, complete, print and sign the Student Co-op Form. (Open in DocHub for Fillable Form).
  2. If you have found your own coop or would like to repeat at the same company, in addition complete this alternate form. (Open in DocHub for Fillable Form.)
  3. Print Cooperative Education Checklist.
  4. Attend Mandatory co-op meeting (second week of the semester).
  5. Attend resume workshop.
  6. Meet with your co-op coordinator (bring a copy of your resume to meeting). 
  7. Upload your final resume to the Co-op Portal.


Go to the Web Advisor to register for your co-op course. You will receive a bill.

Student Handbook

All students are required to read the Cooperative Education Student Handbook.