Commissioning - Army & Navy

Students select MMA for the rigorous academic program and the leadership opportunities it provides.  Students with learning disabilities are strongly encouraged to utilize academic accommodations to help them be successful.

Some students would like to serve their country, also.  These students may choose to participate in either the Army ROTC or Navy SSMP Program and seek a commission as an officer in the Army or Navy.

Be aware that there are addition requirements placed on students who seek to serve as an officer in the Army or Navy.  If you have a learning disability, or utilize academic accommodations, speak to your Army or Navy Department Head ASAP.

Students may participate in the Navy SSMP Program while waiting medical qualification.  However, in order to commission as an officer in the Navy, a student cannot be on any ADD/ADHD medication, or have a learning disability requiring academic accommodations during their time at MMA. A student may seek a medical waiver for their condition, but a medical waiver is not likely to be considered while receiving academic accommodations or taking ADD/ADHD medication. 

The U.S. Army may waive many conditions for Future Officers, with a standard reflecting the soldier's ability to be retained in the service with no limits to their ability to perform.  Additionally, virtually anyone can take the Army ROTC class, but to formally “enroll” there must be a reasonable assumption they will be found medically qualified.

The DoDMERB reviews each student individually, and makes the final decisions regarding each student's ability to commission as an officer.   The link below may provide some useful information.

Useful Information