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Marine Transportation Commercial Shipping

"I am aboard the Military Sealift Command vessel USNS Grasp. I have learned so much from my short time on the vessel (which also shows me how much I have left to learn!).  So far my favorite part of my internship was when my captain had me con the vessel out of Key West to our dive site a few miles south.  My classroom knowledge really gave me the confidence to step up and take the con and to be a proficient navigator."

-Tor Johannessen '16



Commercial Shipping Program

The Massachusetts Maritime Academy Commercial Shipping Program is designed to satisfy regulatory requirements for USCG licensing while reinforcing qualities important to successfully becoming a maritime seagoing professional. Commercial shipping assignments build confidence, motivation, time management and communications skills, and team interaction, while enhancing professional technical skills.

Assignments are typically for 60 days. The minimum sea service required to qualify for original license as Third Mate of Ocean, Steam or Motor Vessels of Any Gross Tons or Third Assistant Engineer of Steam and Motor Vessels, Gas Turbine, of Any Horsepower is for a period of 360 days.

Commercial shipping assignments are normally during the winter semester - with some exceptions being granted for the summer based on billet availability and student eligibility.

In order to commercial ship, a cadet must have the following documents on file with Mariner Credentialing:
1. TWIC (copies of the card)
2. Cadet MMC
3. Valid Medical Certificate
4.  USCG 719K Physical within the previous calendar year
5.  Basic Training Certificate
6.  Vessel Security for Persons with Designated Security Duties Certificate

For further information, please contact:
CAPT John Dooley
Assistant Director of Professional Seagoing Services

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