Our Tagline

The Commonwealth’s Leadership University

Our tagline is straightforward yet impactful. It makes a statement and leaves nothing in doubt. Use it with our formal logo in one of two approved lockups.

In both cases, the tagline should be written in Bitter typeface, with the trademark sign at the end. Use title-case (the capitalization of each principal word) as well. The tagline shouldn’t be locked up with anything but the formal logo. Note, however, that the logo can appear independently. The tagline shouldn’t be used in headlines, body copy or other running text. It speaks for itself and is weakened if it’s ever explained. Use it—in tandem with the logo—to make a strong impression or to punctuate a piece of communication.

Primary Lockup

The tagline, left-aligned, appears to the right of the logo with a dividing pipe in between.

primary lockup

Secondary Lockup

The tagline is split in half with the logo in the middle. This lockup should be used in center-oriented applications.

secondary lockup