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Fall 2023 New Books at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Library



Advances in Marine Engineering:... book


Advances in Marine Engineering : Geological Environment and Hazards 
Xiaolei Liu, et al.
MMA Call No. VM 605 L58 2023

This book documents the research advances of coastal, offshore, and deep-sea engineering construction (e.g. marine oil, gas, and mineral resource development, offshore wind power projects), and marine geological environments and hazards.


ChatGPT AI in Education: What it is and How to Use it in the Classroom:  Anders, Brent: 9798373146739: Books


ChatGPT in Education : What it is and How to use it in the Classroom 
Brent A. Anders 
MMA Call No. LB 2395.7 .A53 2023

ChatGPT is a powerful new AI that has been made freely available to everyone. Teachers, professors, and instructors at every level can now harness the power of this revolutionary new technology to enhance the educational experience.  It addresses ethical considerations, the future of education, and what might be next regarding AI and ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT in Higher Education:  Advantages, Challenges and Impact on Students, Educators and Institutional Leaders
Alamgir Hossain
MMA Call No. LB 1028.43 H677 2023 

 The rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) have brought forth innovative language models like ChatGPT, potentially transforming higher education. This book aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the role of ChatGPT and similar language models within the academic landscape, examining their benefits, risks, and implications for various stakeholders.


City on Fire: The Explosion that Devastated a Texas Town and Ignited a Historic Legal Battle
Bill Minutaglio
MMA Call No. F 394 T4 M56 2003

First published in 2003, City on Fire is a gripping, intimate account of the explosions of two ships loaded with ammonium nitrate fertilizer that demolished Texas City, Texas, in April 1947, in one of the most catastrophic disasters in American history.

Contested Waters: The Struggle for Rights and Reconciliation in the Atlantic Fishery
Fred Wien & Rick Williams
MMA Call No. SH 331 C66 2023

Canadians were shocked in the fall of 2020 by news coverage of non-Indigenous crowds threatening Mi'kmaw fish harvesters and burning boats and plant buildings in southwest Nova Scotia. The crisis began when a few Mi'kmaq Nations began to issue their own licenses to community members to conduct small-scale lobster fishing to earn "moderate livelihoods", a treaty right recognized in the Marshall ruling. Non-Indigenous harvesters reacted, some of them violently, against the idea of a new fishery operating outside DFO-regulated licensing, seasons, and fishing zones. With the major issues still unresolved, numerous flashpoints hold potential for future conflict. The question now looms: where do we go from here?


Cultivating Genius: An Equity Framework for Culturally and Historically  Responsive Literacy by Gholdy Muhammad | Goodreads

Cultivating Genius: An Equity Framework for Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy
Gholdy Muhammad
MMA Call No. LC 1099.3 M75 2020 

In Cultivating Genius, Dr. Gholdy E. Muhammad presents a four-layered equity framework—one that is grounded in history and restores excellence in literacy education. This framework, which she names, Historically Responsive Literacy, was derived from the study of literacy development within 19th-century Black literacy societies.  The framework is essential and universal for all students, especially youth of color, who traditionally have been marginalized in learning standards, school policies, and classroom practices.


The Deep Ocean: Life in the Abyss: Vecchione, Michael, Allcock, Louise,  Priede, Imants, Haren, Hans van: 9780691226811: Books

The Deep Ocean: Life in the Abyss
Michael Vecchione 
MMA Call No. QH 541.5 D35 V43 2023

The deep ocean comprises more than 90 percent of our planet’s biosphere and is home to some of the world’s most dazzling creatures, which thrive amid extreme pressures, scarce food supplies, and frigid temperatures. Living things down here behave in remarkable and surprising ways, and cutting-edge technologies are shedding new light on these critically important ecosystems. This beautifully illustrated book leads you down into the canyons, trenches, and cold seeps of the watery abyss, presenting the deep ocean and its inhabitants as you have never seen them before.




Door: poems 
Mary Kane
MMA Call No. PS 3561 A465 K36 2013 

'Door' is the first collection of poems by Mary Kane. In the words of one reviewer, "The title poem in Mary Kane’s collection, 'Door,' ends with the line, “I only have to change / utterly to enter.” Kane is a deft word-weaver who is able to create this mysteriously wordless effect. Objects are concretely themselves, and yet, visited again, become doorways to another way of seeing the physical world or to another state of being....Indeed, if 'Door' leads us anywhere, it is to the heart of the unendurable—grief, despair, loneliness—and then back, somehow, to a window."


Empire of Ice and Stone: The Disastrous and Heroic Voyage of the Karluk
Buddy Levy
MMA Call No. G 670 1913 L48 2022

Set against the backdrop of the Titanic disaster and World War I, filled with heroism, tragedy, and scientific discovery, Buddy Levy's Empire of Ice and Stone tells the story of two men and two distinctively different brands of leadership―one selfless, one self-serving―and how they would forever be bound by one of the most audacious and disastrous expeditions in polar history, considered the last great voyage of the Heroic Age of Discovery.


Environmental Science and Sustainability | Daniel J. Sherman, David R.  Montgomery | W. W. Norton & Company

Environmental Science and Sustainability. 2nd ed.
David J. Sherman & Davide R. Montgomery
MMA Call No. GE 140 S43 2024

More than ever, students are thinking about their choices in a changing environment. This book gives students a scientific understanding of the environment while helping them practice decision-making. The Second Edition now integrates the role environmental justice plays in decisions, and new insights gained from the pandemic and IPCC Sixth Assessment.

Green Sustainable Process for Chemical and Environmental Engineering and  Science - 1st Edition

Green Sustainable Process for Chemical and Environmental Engineering and Science: Microbially-Derived Biosurfactants for Improving Sustainability in Industry
Alevtina Simirnova, et al. 
MMA Call No. TK 2942 G74 2023

This book explores the role biosurfactants may play in providing more sustainable, environmentally benign, and economically efficient solutions for mitigating challenges experienced in the industrial sector. Sections cover an introduction to their production and review their application across a broad range of industry applications, from polymer and biofuel production to lubrification and corrosion protection.


In the Book I'm Reading by Mary Kane, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

In the Book I’m Reading
Mary Kane
MMA Call No. PN 6120.2 K36 2023

A collection of little stories that brim with the tiny, specific details of a moment -- the cups, the shoes, the scarves, the books -- and the humor, tenderness, uneasiness, sadness, and wisdom that define entire lives.



Inspirational Women in Academia: Supporting Careers and Improving Minority Representation
Natalia Kucirkova & Loleta Fahad
MMA Call No. LC 1567 .K83 2023

Expert-led, interdisciplinary, and international in scope, this insightful book aims to increase the representation and leadership potential of women working in academia, examining the intersection of multiple inequalities with a specific focus on gender, age, ethnicity, and disability. A carefully crafted response to educational inequalities, the volume posits an invitation for dialogue around what it means to have success in higher education.

Introduction to Statistics: An Intuitive Guide for Analyzing Data and Unlocking Discoveries
Jim Frost
MMA Call No. QA 276 F76 2019

Build a solid foundation in data analysis. Be confident that you understand what your data are telling you and that you can explain the results to others! This book will help you intuitively understand statistics by using simple language and deemphasizing formulas.
This guide starts with an overview of statistics and why it is so important. It proceeds to essential statistical skills and knowledge about different types of data, relationships, and distributions. Then it moves to using inferential statistics to expand human knowledge, how it fits into the scientific method, and how to design and critique experiments.

Maritime Operations Law in Practice (Routledge Research on the Law of the  Sea): Letts, David, Mclaughlin, Rob: 9781032308548: Books

Maritime Operations Law in Practice: Key Cases and Incidents 
David Letts & Rob McLaughlin 
MMA Call No. KZA 1145 L488 2023

This edited collection brings together the most famous and influential cases and incidents at sea. Exploring the entire spectrum of maritime operations from ‘high end’ war-fighting to constabulary operations that are conducted by naval forces and maritime law enforcement agencies, this book will be an essential reference for practitioners, scholars, teachers, and students of maritime operations law.

UI Press | William D. Riddell | On the Waves of Empire

On the Waves of Empire: U.S. Imperialism and Merchant Sailors, 1872-1924
William D. Riddell 
MMA Call No. HD 8039 S42 U637 2023

In the aftermath of the Spanish-American War, the United States’ acquisition of an overseas empire compelled the nation to reconsider the boundary between domestic and foreign--and between nation and empire. William D. Riddell looks at the experiences of merchant sailors and labor organizations to illuminate how domestic class conflict influenced America’s emerging imperial system.

The Sandy Beach
Gilbert Newton
MMA Call No. QH 105 M4 N49 2023

The sandy beach is a treasure hunt of fascinating plants and animals.  From quahogs to tube worms and sea whips to moon snails, this dynamic ecosystem changes with every tide and season.  Join author Gil Newton as he guides you on an exploration of a diverse beach system.  Discover facts about the many common and unusual inhabitants of the sandy shoreline.


Sustainable. Resilient. Free.: The Future of Public Higher Education

Sustainable, Resilient, Free: The Future of Public Education
John Warner 
MMA Call No. LB 2342 W37 2020 

In 1983, U.S. News and World Report started to rank colleges and universities, throwing them into competition with each other for students and precious resources. Over the course of the next thirty or so years a Reagan-era ethos of privatization and competition turned students into consumers and colleges into businesses.  In this book John Warner envisions a future in which our public colleges and universities are reoriented around enhancing the intellectual, social, and economic potentials of students while providing broad-based benefits to the community at large.

Thorndike | The Underworld: Journey to the Depths of the Ocean

The Underworld: Journeys to the Depths of the Ocean 
Susan Casey 
MMA Call No. GC 21 C36 2023

For all of human history, the deep ocean has been a source of wonder and terror, an unknown realm that evoked a singular, compelling question: What’s down there? Unable to answer this for centuries, people believed the deep was a sinister realm of fiendish creatures and deadly peril. But now, cutting-edge technologies allow scientists and explorers to dive miles beneath the surface, and we are beginning to understand this strange and exotic underworld:  A place of soaring mountains, smoldering volcanoes, and valleys 7,000 feet deeper than Everest is high, where tectonic plates collide and separate, and extraordinary life forms operate under different rules.

Unearthing Joy: A Guide to Culturally and Historically Responsive  Curriculum and Instruction: Muhammad, Gholdy: 9781338856606:  Books

Unearthing Joy
Gholdy Mahammad 
MMA Call No. LC 1099.3 M858 2023

In this follow-up to Cultivating Genius, Dr. Gholdy Muhammad adds a fifth pursuit―joy―to her groundbreaking instructional model. She defines joy as more than celebration and happiness, but also as wellness, beauty, healing, and justice for oneself and across humanity.