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Meet the Company Commander

1/C Brian Gill hails from Hanover,Massachusetts. He is in his fourth year of studies in Emergency Mangement program at the Academy. 


Meet the Company Executive Officer

1/C John Niro is from Milford,Massachusetts. He is in his final year of study in the "International Maritime Business" program at the Academy. 


7th Company Leadership Team 

Senior Staff  

Mr.Brian Gill, Company Commander

​Mr. John Niro​, Company Executive Officer ​

Mr. Cameron Faccibene, Training & Retention Officer

​Mr.​ Ian Lynch,03 Platoon Leader​

​Mr.​ Michael Saymon​,04 Platoon Leader​

Mr. Matthew Burke,05 Platoon Leader

​Ms. Holly Brzykcy​,​Band Operations Operation Officer​

​Ms. Beatriz Martins, Honor Guard Operations Officer

Mr. John Gemma, Drill Team Operations Officer


Mr.​ Cameron Wentworth, Communications & Logistics Officer ​

​Mr. Leonard Lapham ​, Damage Control & Community Service Officer ​

​Mr. Joesph Heath​, Watch & Duty Adjutant ​​

Mr. Malick Carpenter, Senior Staff Advisor ( Regimental Intramurals Officer) 


Junior Staff 

​Ms. Ainsley Dean, Asst. Intramurals Officer, Asst. Adjutant  &  Asst. 04 Plt. Ldr 


Mr.​ Benjamin Chase-MCCann, Asst. Band Operations​ 

Mr.​ Deven D'Eon, Asst. Intramurals Officer, Asst. Discipline Officer  & Asst. Volunteer/Community Serv.

​Mr. William DeBoer, Asst. Intramurals Officer & Asst.Training & Retention

​Mr.​ Thomas Dunn, Asst. 04 Plt. Ldr 

​Mr.​ Ryan Dolan, Asst. Discipline Officer 

Mr.Tyler Lorenz, Asst. Honor Guard Operations  & Asst. Volunteer/Community Serv.


​Mr.​ Matthew Russo, Asst. Discipline Officer  

​Ms.Lana Nguyen, Asst.Training & Retention

​Mr.​ Samuel Brown, Asst. Discipline Officer  

​Mr.​ Colin Buckley, Asst. Band Operations​

​Mr.​ Matthew Page, Asst. Discipline Officer &  Asst. 04 Plt. Ldr 

​Ms. Pandora Walker, Asst. Drill Operations  & Asst. Adjutant 

​Mr. Nicholas Mirabile, Asst. Discipline Officer

​Mr.​ Dominic Vaccari, Asst.Training & Retention, Conductor/Drum Major

​Ms. Felicity Janczewski, Asst.Training & Retention, Asst. Band Operations​

​Mr.​Nicolas Fernandez-Cote, Asst. Honor Guard Operations

Mr. James Tringale, Asst.Training & Retention

Mr. David Tarbox, Asst. 04 Plt. Ldr


Mr. Patrick Gheradi, Asst. Drill Operations

Ms. Sarah Harwick, Band Staff Advisor