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Meet the Company Commander

1/C Vincent Fiore hails from Brighton,Massachusetts. He is in his fourth year of studies in International Maritime Business program at the Academy. 


Meet the Company Executive Officer

1/C Samantha Parker is from Dennis,Massachusetts.She is in her fourth year of study in the "Emergency Management" program at the Academy. 


7th Company Leadership Team 

Senior Staff Officers   

Mr.Vincent Fiore,Company Commander

​Ms.​Samantha Parker​,Company Executive Officer ​

Mr.Braden Foster,Training & Retention Officer

​Mr.​Byan Connors​,03 Platoon Leader​

​Mr.​Daniel Tremblay​,04 Platoon Leader​

Ms. Sarah Karentz,05 Platoon Leader

​Mr. Nicholas Wokanovicz​,​Band Operations Operation Officer​

Mr.Michael Panettieri, Band Advisor

​Mr. Joseph Naron, Honor Guard Operations Officer


Mr. ​Austin Wolfe,Drill Team Operations Officer  ​

Mr.​Jacob Hardwick,Communications & Logistics Officer 

​Ms.​Erica Overstreet​,Compliance (Discipline) Officer ​  ​

​Ms.​Hannah Benton ​, Damage Control & Community Service Officer ​

​Ms. Julie Pereira​, Watch & Duty Adjutant ​​


Junior Staff Officers​

​Mr.​Alexander Bowen​, Asst. Drill Operations 


Mr.​Cameron Wentworth, Asst. Band Operations​ 


​Mr.​Collin Stephenson, Asst. Training & Retention, Asst. Community Services 

​Mr.​John Gemma, Asst. Drill Operations & Asst. Damage Control


​Mr.​Joseph Heath, Asst. Training & Retention , Asst. 04 Plt. Ldr  


Mr.​Matthew Burke, Asst. Complaince (ADO)

​Mr.​Michael Medeiros,Asst. Honor Guard Operations


​Mr.​Tyler Unaitis,Asst. Training & Retention

​Ms.​Beatriz Martins, Asst. Honor Guard Operations

​Mr.​Brian Gill,Asst. Compliance(ADO), Intramurals, Asst. 04 Plt. Ldr  

​Mr.​Cameron Faccibene,Asst.Training & Retention,Asst. Damage Control

​Ms.​Holly Brzykcy,Asst. Band Operations 

​Mr.​Ian Lynch,Asst. Compliance, Intramurals

​Mr.​Jack Rose,Asst. Compliance,Asst. Community Services 

​Mr.​John Niro,Asst. Compliance (ADO),Asst. 04 Plt. Ldr 

​Mr.​Malick Carpenter,Asst. Compliance, Intramurals, Asst. 04 Plt. Ldr 


​Ms.​Patria Swan,Asst. Watch & Duty Adjutant 

​Mr.​Jadon Peters,Asst.Training & Retention

Mr.​Michael Saymon,Asst. Complaince (ADO)

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