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Meet the Honor Guard Operations Officer

1/C JD Naron is from Montclair, VA. Marine Engineering major. Mr. Naron is an Eagle Scout and his hobbies are scuba diving, cars, and sports. After graduation, he plans to work on LNG tankers because he thinks they are incredible feats of engineering.

Meet the Honor Guard Staff 


Honor Guard: Regimental Ceremonial Guard

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Since the Academy's earliest years, the Massachusetts Maritime Academy's Regimental Honor Guard has led the way as representatives of all  Maritime Academies and its graduates serving around the world. The men and women of the Honor Guard represent every member of the regiment of cadets, including past, present, and future. Now, as the Academy's oldest organization, even predating the Academy's introduction of athletics, the Honor Guard continues to serve the Presidents of the Academy. It is the face of the Academy regionally and nationwide. Honor Guardsmen are volunteers and are the best of the regiment. The Honor Guard prides itself as the standard for discipline and military professionalism. The Honor Guard is led by 1/C JD Naron of  Montclair,VA. 

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