7th Company: Band, Honor Guard & Drill Team

"The Pride of the Regiment of Cadets"  

Massachusetts Maritime Academy‘s Regimental Band, Honor Guard and Drill Team (Seventh Company) is a highly involved unit on the Massachusetts Maritime Academy campus and in the surrounding community. The Seventh Company has performed at events and parades during fall, winter, sea term and spring semesters. Seventh Company has traveled over forty-two hundred miles annually and has performed in several national recognized events from Plymouth, Boston and Holyoke Massachusetts to Washington District of Columbia, Newport (RI) and New York City. 7th Company averages 50 engagements a year, not including academy on campus formations and ceremonies. 

Seventh Company personnel are passionate volunteers and take pride in representing themselves, the regiment of cadets and the academy in a professional and honorable manner. Seventh Company is built on an axiom of service to academy, community and country whenever called upon. 

Our Mission

7th Company's mission is to provide music, military customs and tradition to enhance the regiment of cadets' cohesion and morale.  7th Company promotes the Massachusetts Maritime Academy mission by showcasing "Leadership, Discipline, Knowledge" through music, drill and ceremony performance at public and academy venues to recruit, retain and inspire the regiment of cadet.

The Massachusetts Maritime Academy's "Regimental Band, Honor Guard and Drill Team", "7th Company"  is a vital part of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. 7th Company is the most highly visible, audible and disciplined representative of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy's regiment of cadets. 7th Company purpose is to be strong ambassadors of America, the academy and the US Maritime Industry.

Our Company Slogan
"Not for You, Not for Me, But for Us"

Our Company Motto
"Strive for perfection, settle only for excellence"