Operations Coordinator

International Business
Marine Engineering
Marine Transportation
Intracoastal Marine Inc
Chesapeake, VA
United States

Operations Coordinator position manages local scheduling and real-time operations that facilitate the maximization of resources (both human and physical assets) to achieve customer satisfaction, productivity, schedule adherence and economic goals. Operations Coordinator position controls all movements for the Intracoastal Marine fleet of all boats, barges and any other assets for customers or company.

Duties and responsibilities

1. Manage tug assignments with boat captains, and Vessel crews to assure efficient and safe movements and documentation of all movements for billing purposes.
2. Coordinate, communicate and assign vessel movements with Vessel Captains and crews while keeping in mind limitations of vessels and crew competency. Work with all crews with the various schedules for each employee to maximize utilization while maintaining morale and productivity. Make keeping Captains and crews aboard their assigned vessels a priority to develop and maintain accountability and morale.
3. Prepare and communicate daily position reports to the customers and to management along with any other pertinent information related to vessel activities or issues.
4. Coordinate fuel/lube purchases for tugs as requested
5. Confirm company policies and procedures and Coast Guard requirements are met and maintained.
6. Assist in the coordination of boat repairs with Maintenance Department
7. Attend internal daily company meetings and external professional functions as needed.
8. Communicate operational requirements or general concerns to company managers as required
9. Communicate trip delays, crew issues, breakdowns, and any other pertinent issues to appropriate persons as required
10. Assist in the management of incoming phone calls, vendors, office maintenance, and all other aspects of the office and yard environment.
11. Manage and schedule crews including strategies to improve communications. Strive to maintain all crews on their assigned vessels as much as possible and improve accountability in all boat crews. Assist in training of Captains to become better managers of the crews.
12. Man all the vessels in accordance with USCG and company policies and procedures.
13. Coordinate tug movements with customer expectations. Use information gathered from customer interactions to develop additional sales.
14. Provide morning and evening updates via email to office and customers.
15. Work to build on morale and teamwork between the crews.

• High school diploma or equivalent • Bachelor’s degree in Maritime Administration is preferred • Marine experience is preferred • Organized, detail-oriented and accurate • Self-motivated and multi-task oriented • Strong written and verbal communication
Depending on experience