Interviews + Meetups


We want to chat with you! A personal interview with a member of our Admissions’ staff will give you the opportunity to ask questions about MMA and tell us about your interests, accomplishments, and goals. Interviews are not required for admission into the Academy, however, if you are highly interested in attending we encourage you to set one up! Once you confirm a few dates and times that work best for you, please call (800-544-3411) or email ( to set up an appointment. If you will be applying as a transfer student please specify when scheduling.

Please note, interviews scheduled prior to the completion of an application will be more informative, while interviews held after completing an application will more evaluative. 

Maritime Meetups

Meetups will be scheduled for the fall, but if you would like to meet with an Admissions counselor, please reach out directly to the counselor covering your territory as they might be in your area!