Health Insurance

Important Insurance Information

State law requires that all full and 3/4 time (9 credits per semester) students have health insurance coverage that meets or exceeds the minimum standards as set forth in Massachusetts Law C.15A, s.18 (text available on the website). State Law requires all registered students attest to comparable coverage or to enroll in the schools student health insurance plan.


2019-2020 Health Insurance Enrollment and Waiver Forms

CLASS OF 2024: 2020-2021 Health Insurance Info will be posted after June 1, 2020
  • If you are currently covered under a comparable health insurance plan, please follow the link to complete the Waiver Form.
  • If you do not have health insurance coverage, please follow the link for the Enrollment Form.
  • NOTE: If you are subjected to a loss of coverage within the school year, you will need to complete the enrollment form for University Health Plans within 30 days of the qualifying event (loss of coverage).

Please note the following exceptions:

  • International Students with foreign based insurance carriers can not waive the Academy provided insurance coverage and MUST enroll in our plan
  • Undergraduate students taking less than 9 credits are not eligible for Massachusetts Maritime Academy Student Health Insurance and therefore need not waive.
  • Health Safety Net is not considered comparable coverage.

Any Student who fails to submit the appropriate form will be placed on registration hold.