Your Questions Answered: Cadets, What Were Your Favorite Elementary School Science Activities?

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Many of our elementary school followers have the same question for our cadets:

What were your favorite science activities when you were in elementary school?

Our cadets were eager to share their answers.


During K-2 at Lt. Eleazer Davis Elementary School, we built a 3-D model of Davis Town and then had a day where we ran the operations like the grocery store, the farm, etc. It taught us about community and how to work together. During fifth grade at Lt. Job Lane School we participated in the Invention Convention where you and a partner "invented" something. My partner and I invented Cool Shoes that pumped cold water into a boot to help ankle and foot injuries heal quicker. We also participated in Project Adventure, doing various ropes courses, climbing walls and participated in team-based activities. It was awesome!
– 4/C Charlie Naylor (MTRA – Bedford, MA)

Davis Elementary School
Charlie is excited to have students at Lt. Eleazer Davis Elementary School in Bedford, Massachusetts following Sea Term 2023.

Lane School
Charlie is thrilled that students at Lt. Job Lane School in Bedford, Massachusetts are participating in the Follow The Voyage-Share The Experience Program.

“During my time at Woburn Street Elementary School, I remember building solar powered Lego cars in third grade.  I enjoyed it.”
 – 4/C Abigail Stiltner (MTRA – Middleton, MA)

"I remember having an Invention Convention where I made an invention and got to present it to the entire school.  I liked being able to create anything I wanted." 
- 3/C Andrew Fusco (MTRA - Wrentham, MA)

“Given that I lived in the city and went Eliot K-8 Innovation Upper School in the city, it was very easy for us to go over to the New England Aquarium. Whenever we went there, we would be able to go over to the touch tank.  Often our teacher would provide a worksheet where we would record observations. I always loved these.”  – 4/C Timothy Shea (MTRA – Boston, MA)

New England Aquarium
Boston's New England Aquarium is a popular fieldtrip destination in Massachusetts

“I have memories of incubating chicken eggs, air vortex cannons, and Vann der Graph generators. Not to mention the Mad Science assemblies.” – 4/C Alex Fledderjohn (MENG – San Diego, CA)

I remember on one of the last days of Bournedale Elementary School, my teacher Mr. Brown let us bring in a Coke bottle and some Mentos. We got to go outside and make them explode up into the air. I enjoyed this because it was a fun science experiment to perform with things you can buy at the store.” – 4/C Kyle Casano (FENG – Bourne, MA)

Bournedale Elementary School
Kyle can feel the support from students at Bourneale Elementary School in Bourne, Massachusetts.

"At Israel Loring Elementary School in Sudbury Massachusetts, we grew plants from a bean under a heat lamp.  It was cool to see the evolution of its growth throughout the unit.”  – 4/C Austin Chavero (MENG – Framingham, MA)

“One of the hands-on learning experiences I remember Alden Elementary School was in third grade when my class dissected a squid.”
– 4/C James Anderson (FENG – Duxbury, MA)

Alden Elementary School
James is thankful to have students from Alden Elementary School in Duxbury, Massachusetts following his Sea Term.

“At Nantucket New School, we went to see a space telescope owned by the Maria Mitchell Association.”
– 4/C Justin Zadroga (MENG – Nantucket, MA)

telescope observatory
The Maria Mitchell Observatory in Nantucket, was founded in 1908 and named in honor of maria Mitchell, the first American woman astronomer.  It is a major component of the Maria Mitchell Association.  The two observatories consist of three domed telescopes. The Vestal Street location houses research offices as well as the 17-inch Plane Wave Dall-Kirkham telescope. This telescope was installed in 2008 after the completion of the Loines Observatory. The Loines Observatory houses the historic 7.5-inchAlvin Clark refractor, which is used for public stargazing. At this location there is also the larger 24-inch Richey-Chretian reflecting telescope, installed in 2006, which has been made accessible for public tours. Both the 17-inch and the 24-inch telescopes are also used for research year-round.

Nantucket New School
Justin is excited to have students from Nantucket New School in Nantucket, Massachusetts following his first Sea Term.

“I remember exploring some energy circuit kits that we had. The small basic kit that resembles ones by Elenco Snap Circuits Junior.  I transferred from a private school to a public elementary school, which made all of my classes way more enjoyable.” 4/C Guery Ortega (MENG – Boston, MA)

“At Flower Valley Elementary School, I really enjoyed building my own Skee-Ball machine and letting kids get the chance to play it.” - 4/C Jack Schrier (MTRA – Rockville, MD)

“At Old Post Road Elementary School, we planted a tree.  We were all given trees to plant in our yards.” -  4/C Michael Caulfield (MENG – Walpole, MA)

“My favorite science activity at Manomet Elementary School was making leprechaun traps using five simple machines.” - Izabella Mackintosh (MENG - Plymouth, MA)

 “At Green Lodge Elementary School, my teacher showed us how heat was conducted by using batteries and a copper wire. I enjoyed it because we would be able to feel the wire get hot from the battery.”   – 4/C Richard Blume (FENG – Dedham, MA)

Please keep your questions coming!