Your Questions Answered: Cadets, What Are You Missing Back Home?

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Cadets aboard the TS Kennedy have been away from home for five weeks.  Our student followers are interested in knowing what they are missing the most.  Here is what six cadets had to say.

“The thing I’m missing the most on Sea Term is my room. Berthing on the Kennedy is tight to say the least.  I’m missing having my own space to stretch out and relax.”  

- 3/C Jake Ross (MENG – Wrentham, MA)


“Two things that I am missing during Sea Term 2023 is spending time with my grandparents, especially going out to lunch with them, and being able to run around my yard throwing a Frisbee with my dog. Her name is Libby and she is a Weimaraner, has a lot of energy and is very playful. Libby LOVES when you throw the Frisbee.  She can go chase it down and catch it in her mouth like a football player and run around with it. The fun part is trying to get it back from her. I will truly miss that.”

– 3/C James Curtis (MTRA – Westminster, MA)


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Having a few years of commercial shipping experience under my belt before coming to school, I am not having too much trouble missing home. That comes with the big exception of the food. Being able to get together with family or friends to simply share a meal is something I value greatly, and so missing that is always a bummer.” 

-4/C Alex Fledderjohn (MENG – San Diego, CA)

“What I am missing back home:

  1. my 3 puppies (Teddy a yorkie, Zeke and Amore Great Daine brother and sister)
  2. home cooked meals
  3. internet
  4. my sister’s volleyball tournament
  5. my cousin’s baby shower”

- Izabella Mackintosh (MENG - Plymouth, MA)

“I am missing walking my dogs, Koda and Tuukka.  I am missing a few of my brother Griffin’s hockey games, and I would get in trouble if I forgot to mention that I missed my Mom’s birthday.”  

-1/C Austin Starr (MTRA-Nantucket)

“While I am away, I am missing home cooked meals, playing Gran Turismo with my little brother and boyfriend, watching the old Barbie movies with my little sister, and calls back home to my mom and dad.”

- 2/C Bridget Ruiz (MSSEP – Goshen, CT)