Your Questions Answered: Are There Classrooms On The TS Kennedy?

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From the moment the cadets climbed up the gangway and walked onto the TS Kennedy, the learning began.

The learning will continue, nonstop, until the ship returns to Taylors Point on Sunday, February 19th.  

Much of the learning is hands-on. 

Cadets are actively engaged in laboratories, in the Engine Room, out on deck, up on the Bridge, and in countless spaces and places in between.

But many students have asked questions about classrooms

One questions that has come up often is...

Are the classrooms on the TS Kennedy similar to classrooms at my school?

Well, let's take a look!  You be the judge!

classroom with chairs and white boards

The above classroom is on the Main Deck, located between the Computer Lab and the Library

This may be the classroom that is probably the most similar to your classroom. 

The following classrooms are all below the Main Deck.  Look closely.   You can see the curve of the ship's hull.  

classroom on the ship, walls curve
classroom on the ship, walls curve
classroom on the ship, walls curve

What do you think?  Do one of these classrooms reminds you of your classroom? 

How do the walls of your classroom differ from the walls of the classroom in the last photo?

Please keep the questions coming!  We look forward to hearing from you!