Notes To Teachers: Monday, January 2nd

Notes to Teachers

Happy New Year!  Welcome to the Follow The Voyage-Share The Experience Program!  

Your students are part of the 20,897 students who will be following Massachusetts Maritime Academy cadets on Sea Term 2023.

Here are just a few tips to help you navigate the website.

Projects & Activities: Have you had time to explore our Projects & Activities?  Click on the link on the left side of the page.  You can choose from  projects and activities that incorporate: Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Fine Arts.  Pick and choose the activities that best match the interests and ability level of your students.

Captain's Log:  Students of all ages will enjoy reading Captain Campbell's daily updates from the Bridge, Monday--Friday.  At the close of each log, one student drawing or painting will be added.  

Cadet Blogs Cadet blogs begin this week.  Your students will read about their day-to-day life learning, living, and working on a ship at sea.  

Little Buc's AdventuresDon't miss a single blog!  Little Buc will engage and educate PreK, K, and elementary school students, but you may also have a hard time tearing middle school and high school students away from his daily posts.  Little Buc has a wide fan base!  Even adults are hooked!

Cadet Spotlight:  Massachusetts Maritime Academy cadet make great role models!  Introduce your students to these high-achieving men and women.

Number Of The Day:  Click on  the blue box at the top of the webpage to discover The Number Of The Day.  Many teachers choose to kick off their school day or mathematics class by introducing this number.  We'd love to have you share how you use the daily number in YOUR classroom.

Questions Of The Week: Click on the blue box at the top of the webpage to discover extension activities related to what's happening on aboard the TS Kennedy or where the ship is heading next.  The activities have no expiration date.   Each week, I will add a few more.

Earn Your Coast Guard License In Five QuestionsThis twice-weekly feature is directed at middle school and high school students.

I will post frequent Notes To Teachers to alert you to special features on the website.  Please to not hesitate to reach out to me.

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Nancy A. Franks

Nancy A. Franks, Coordinator
Follow The Voyage-Share The Experience Program