Safety First: Damage Control Locker

Life Ring

There are five Damage Control Lockers aboard the TS Kennedy

These lockers, which contain the equipment used by emergency squads in the event of an emergency, are sometime called Fireman’s Outfit Lockers or Emergency Squad Lockers

door of locker
firefighting equipment in damage control locker

An inventory control sheet is posted inside each locker.  Each locker contains: 

3      Fireman’s Helmet
3      Fireman’s Jacket
3      Fireman’s Pants
3      Fireman’s Boots
3      Fireman’s Gloves (stored in jacket pockets)
3      Flash Hoods (stored in jacket pockets)
3      Flashlight/Lantern (stored in jacket pockets)
3      Fire Axes
3      SCBAS (self-contained breathing apparatus)
6      Spare Tanks
2      Extinguishers
1      Crow Bar
2      2½ Spare Hose
1      1½ Spare Hose
1      2½ Spare Nozzles
1      1½ Spare Nozzles
4      Safety Wires
1      Y Gate
1      Maul
1      Fire Blanket

Damage Control Lockers #1, #2, and #3 are on the Main Deck – two on the starboard side and one on the port side.  Locker #4 can be found on the Uppertween Deck.  The Cabin Deck is where Locker #5 is located. 

firefighting equipment in damage control locker


firefighting equipment in damage control locker