Ports Of Call: Two Cadets Explain Why They're Excited To Be In St. Thomas This Weekend

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Two cadets identified St. Thomas as the port that they would most like to visit during Sea Term 2023

We hope that they are having a great weekend.

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Click on the video clip below to hear from 4/C Krista Jordan.  Krista is a Marine Transportation major from Florence, Massachusetts.


Here's what 4/C Alex Fedderjohn had to say when asked about the port that he was most looking forward to visiting.

“I am very much looking forward to the Virgin Islands. I have never sailed in the Atlantic let alone been to the Caribbean, but I have seen photos of the diving possible off of St. John. Which I really want to try and get out to experience for myself. And getting to experience very warm water, coming from southern California, will be wonderful!” -3/C Alex Fledderjohn (MENG – San Diego, CA)

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